Wide Celtic bracelet made of bronze
Wide Celtic bracelet made of bronze
Preview: Wide Celtic bracelet made of bronze
Preview: Wide Celtic bracelet made of bronze
Wide Celtic bracelet made of bronze
Mobile Preview: Wide Celtic bracelet made of bronze
Mobile Preview: Wide Celtic bracelet made of bronze

Wide Celtic bracelet made of bronze

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Bronze chain Freya

Bronze chain Freya

Bronze chains - necklaces in the medieval style In the area of medieval jewelry, the use of bronze chains plays an important role. Jewelry from that time the Celts and Vikings are right back in trend. Since this is mainly made of bronze, are Bronze chains are therefore essential if you want to style yourself authentically. Bronze, is a copper-tin alloy and can be made by different manufacturing processes can be processed into very fine and detailed jewelry. The Celts posed as early as 450 BC First pieces of jewelry made of bronze. An anchor chain for special jewelry pendants made of bronze. This bronze chain has a length of 56 cm and a thickness of 2mm The ring at the end of the chain can be easily adjusted with pliers, so that it also fits through smaller pendant.
19.94 USD
Viking wall cloth Hugin the thought

Hugin Tapestry

Welcome to the shop for the Viking wall cloth Hugin the Thought! This unique
Wall hanging was designed by us with great attention to detail and made of high-quality 100%
Polyester crafted to give you a durable and eco-friendly product. With
Its vibrant design, clean lines and clean edges will make this tapestry
a very positive and relaxed atmosphere in your home, bedroom or study

Hugin, the name of this tapestry, represents thought. He was one of the two ravens
Odins, who were sent out into the world every day by the Allfather to make him above all
to report on processes and events. With this wall cloth you can express your love for
express Norse mythology and Viking culture.

The Hugin the Thought tapestry is available in different sizes. It doesn't matter which place
You want to decorate with it, it is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher. The progressive
HD printing ensures fashionable and long-lasting effects without fading.

Fixing the tapestry is very easy. You can fasten it with decorative thumbtacks,
Fasten pins, thumbtacks or string to the wall. So you can use it quickly and
just hang it in any place of your choice. It is perfect for decorating your living room,
bedroom, study or even your office.

When it comes to caring for this wall cloth, you can easily hand wash it
or machine wash on gentle cycle. Please use a mild
Detergent with cold water.

The Hugin the Thought Viking Tapestry also makes a perfect gift for anyone who
loves Norse mythology or Viking culture. Guaranteed to bring a smile to
Put a spell on the recipient's face and be an unforgettable gift.

In summary, the Hugin Viking Wall Cloth offers the thought of a combination
from Norse mythology, Viking culture and modern design. With its high-quality
Craftsmanship and easy maintenance makes it a perfect decorative piece for any room in
your home or office. Buy the Hugin the Thought Wall Tapestry now and bring
a touch of Viking culture into your life!

Material : 100% Polyester
Dimensions: approx. 75 x 95, 150 x 100 cm

from 17.70 USD

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Wall decoration, Wolf wall cloth

With the Celts, the wolf became popular because of its strong sense of family
revered as a symbol for the community. In the Germanic legends
the faithful wolves Geri and Freki are available to the god Odin as mounts.
And for the Indians of North America, the wolf is a wise teacher, who with the powers
of the moon.

Our exceptionally designed tapestry captivates with its vibrant colors,
its clean lines and clean edges. It was made from high quality 100%
Polyester which is soft, eco-friendly and durable. He ensures a very
positive and relaxed atmosphere in your home, bedroom, study, or
no matter where you decide to hang it. Impress them with this
Catch your guests and create a good atmosphere.

Adopting advanced HD printing, this wall hanging shows fashionable and long-lasting
Effects without fading.This wall cloth is very easy to combine with decorative
Fasten thumbtacks, pins, thumbtacks, or string in the chosen location.

Of course, this beautiful wall cloth can be hand washed or machine washed in the
Gentle cycle very easy to clean. Please use a mild
Detergent with cold water. Do not bleach or iron.

24.66 USD