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Amulette Anhänger Gutscheine Broschen& Fibeln ArmschmuckAnhänger Hörner Ketten Räucherware Ringe


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Seraphis Bey

Seraphis Bey

Seraphis Bey is the master of the white ray of purity. He gives you the energy to work lovingly on your weaknesses and helps you with their dissolution - so that you can continue in purity and ease.

Ascended Masters
Ascended Masters have mastered their way. They were, like all of us, here on earth confronted with the challenges of life. They have crossed these and brought their innermost being to perfection. Now they walk in the realm of light, but are forever connected with earthly beings. They stand by us, they lead and protect us, they let us feel their love and work on the upliftment of all humanity. Every master has his own energy; his own sound and of course his own fragrance.
The selected plants and flowers of these incense represent the fragrance of each master. Whether gentle and loving, or straightforward and clear ... Join the Master of our choice and smoke his perfume in his honor or call him, and he will affect us with his energy in our lives.
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