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Drinking horn with rim, tip and holder small

Drinking horn with rim, tip and holder small

Drinking horn with brass point brass rim and horn stand
polished, and embedded with food-grade beeswax.
Probably the oldest picture of a drinking horn
is the Venus of Laussel, one about 25,000 years ago in
Limestone figure made in France. At the literary
Tradition is mainly Old Norse sagas,
where drinking horns often play a role

The horn is between 32 and 36 cm long
52.92 USD
Holda - mix

Holda - mix

Freya is goddess of love in Germanic mythology.
It also represents the winter aspect of the year.
The smoke with its earthy-sweet character makes the connection
to the female part of the Germanic cosmos.

6.60 USD
Cable chain, 3mm x 60cm

Cable chain, 3mm x 60cm

Robust stainless steel cable chain, finely made
9.43 USD