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Fehu Rune

Here with us you will find medieval, Viking and Celtic jewellery. 

The pieces of jewelry were made in a variety of materials such as 

Silver, stainless steel, bronze, wood, bone, horn made. 

You will also find a wide variety of smoked goods 

with us as well as wall and ritual cloths


Galdrastafir Aegishjalmur
Tree of Live Magic
Völva Pentagram
Anti depression Powerful smoking


A true ray of hope in difficult times... Negative circles of thought are broken so that we can breathe deeply again.

Wraps us in love, opens our eyes to the beautiful things in life and gives us new impetus.

Life Aid

The power of plants can support us with almost any problem - sometimes the worries mysteriously just dissolve...

7.91 USD
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Bronze chain Danu necklaces in the medieval style

Bronze chains - necklaces in the medieval style

In the area of medieval jewelry, the use of bronze chains plays an important role. Jewelry from that time the Celts and Vikings are right back in trend. Since this is mainly made of bronze, are Bronze chains are therefore essential if you want to style yourself authentically. Bronze, is a copper-tin alloy and can be made by different manufacturing processes can be processed into very fine and detailed jewelry. The Celts posed as early as 450 BC First pieces of jewelry made of bronze.

A fine yet robust bronze necklace, as it was often worn by Celts and Vikings.
The necklace is 2 mm thick and has a length of 51 cm.
The necklace is suitable for jewelry pendants with an opening from 0.4 cm.

If the chain does not fit through your pendant, you can adjust the small ring at the end of the chain with a fine pair of pliers.

17.58 USD
Rune Ring Algiz made in zink alloy

Rune Ring Algiz

 ALGIZ (Eolx) is a protection and defense rune. Because she looks like that
Imprint of a crow's foot, ALGIZ is also associated with the ravens,
the birds of Odin and Hel. The name of this rune means swan and
that brings this rune in connection with the protective and
life-giving Valkyries. The rune also stands for the rainbow,
the world-connecting bridge of mythology whose guardian is Heimdall.
8.26 USD
Wall cloth Vegvisir with rune circle and world snake

Wall hanging Midgard serpent and a rune circle

The magical symbol promises that you will always find your way home safely Vegvisir. First
recorded in writing, it can be found in the Icelandic Grimoire Galdrabok and is one of the

A form of magic that is similar to one Sigil is built up and is considered to be very powerful.
The Galdrastafir is surrounded by the Midgard serpent and one Runic circle from ancient

Our exceptionally designed tapestry impresses with its lively colors, its clean lines and its
clean edges. It was made from high quality 100% polyester soft, environmentally friendly
and durable is made. He makes for a very positive and relaxed Atmosphere in your home,
bedroom, study, or wherever you choose have to hang it up. Impress your guests with this
eye-catcher and create with it a good atmosphere.

Thanks to advanced HD printing, this wall hanging shows fashionable and long-lasting
effects without a fading. This wall cloth is very easy to use with decorative thumbtacks, Attach
pins, thumbtacks or ribbons to the chosen location.

Of course this can beautiful wall cloth by hand washing or machine washing on a gentle
cycle very easy getting cleaned. Please use a mild detergent with cold water. Do not bleach
or iron.
35.28 USD