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Fehu Rune

Here with us you will find medieval, Viking and Celtic jewellery. 

The pieces of jewelry were made in a variety of materials such as 

Silver, stainless steel, bronze, wood, bone, horn made. 

You will also find a wide variety of smoked goods 

with us as well as wall and ritual cloths


Galdrastafir Aegishjalmur
Tree of Live Magic
Völva Pentagram
House cleaning shamanic incense

House cleaning

Clears stuck energies in rooms. These arise e.g. through a lot of arguments,
Illnesses or strokes of fate. Ideal after moving to new
Spaces to cleanse the energies of previous owners.
An energetic restart!


Whether negative flood of thoughts, disharmony, spirits of illness or low
Beings - these foreign energies may not always be directly for us
being visible.

However, they are there and can affect us. With incense
can they be dissolved successfully so that we can be free again and
to be able to go our own way in a self-determined manner.

7.91 USD
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New hits

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Rune ring Tiwaz old Futhark

Rune Ring Tiwaz

Tiwaz (Tir) is attributed to the god Tyr associated with
of world order, justice and the victorious law. Tiwaz stands
for unwavering goal-orientation and a willingness to take care of
others to sacrifice.

Tiwaz is also the polar star, which guides you in the right direction
in the dark of night and fog shows and keeps you away from wrong turns. The rune
shows its magical effect in building spiritual willpower. It promotes the collective
Cohesion, enforcement and finally victory.

It is the 17th rune of the old Futhark and is the warrior's rune.
But it is also the rune of values and the basis of
entire being.

Material : zinc alloy

8.26 USD