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Welcome ... We carry medieval jewelry, Viking jewelry, Celtic jewelry and goods from this area. You will also find horn products and incense with us.

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Aden - resin mixtures shamanic incense

Aden - resin mixtures

The Aden resin mixture is, as the name suggests, a classic incense made of various resins and is used for smoking for various rituals and ceremonies. If you eg Aden. smokes for New Years, he gives You fresh energy for the new year. A real classic

     A real classic
     Many times tried for different purposes
     For smoking on charcoal and sieve
     often tried for different purposes.
     Ingredients: Different species of Olibanum, myrrh
7.67 USD
Necklace Lisa made of silver 925

Silver necklace Lisa

Delicate silver chain that fits small pendants.
The chain is suitable for jewelry pendants with an opening from 0.1 cm.

If the chain does not fit through your pendant, you can adjust the small ring at the end of the chain with fine pliers.
12.86 USD