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Wall cloth Munin

Munin wall cloth

The motif of this wall hanging shows one of Odin's loyal ravens Munin. His name means the memory, and stands for every experience and every thought we can remember from our life. This was further Wall hanging still decorated with runes. Our exceptionally designed tapestry impresses with its lively colors, its clear lines and its clean edges. It was made from high quality 100% polyester, which is soft, environmentally friendly and durable. He makes a very positive and relaxed atmosphere in your house, bedroom, study or wherever you have decided to hang it up. Impress your guests with this eye-catcher and create a good atmosphere. With advanced HD printing, this wall hanging shows fashionable and long-lasting effects without fading. This wall cloth can be attached very easily with decorative thumbtacks, pins, thumbtacks or ribbons on the fasten the chosen place. Of course, this beautiful wall cloth can be easily cleaned by hand washing or machine washing on a gentle cycle. Please use a mild detergent with cold water. Do not bleach or iron.
34.10 USD
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Stainless steel chain Balder

Stainless steel chain Balder

Exceptional, stable stainless steel chain in the dimensions: 56cm x 5mm
19.94 USD