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Stainless steel hair and beard accessories: A statement of class and uniqueness

Hair and beard ornaments have carried deep symbolic meanings through the ages, from status symbols to expressions of individual creativity. Our range of stainless steel hair and beard accessories aims to continue this tradition in a modern way.

Classic elegance meets modernity

Stainless steel offers a timeless aesthetic that harmonises with both modern and classic styles. This versatility makes our collection the perfect companion for every occasion and every look.

Durability and quality

Stainless steel's rust and corrosion resistance makes it an ideal choice for jewelry that is often exposed to heat and moisture, as is the case with hair and beard jewelry.

For all genders and styles

Whether long or short hair, full beard or three-day beard - our collection offers a wide range of designs to suit all genders and styles.

Hypoallergenic and skin friendly

For people with sensitive skin or allergies, our stainless steel hair and beard jewelry is an excellent choice as the material is hypoallergenic.


Many of our pieces can be personalized to make a unique statement. Let your personality speak through engravings, charms or special designs.

Sustainable choice

Stainless steel is not only durable, but also recyclable, making it an eco-friendly option for conscious consumers.

Browse our collection and find the piece that best expresses your personality and style. With our stainless steel hair and beard accessories you can be sure that you are making the best choice in terms of quality, style and sustainability.

Hair - Beard Bead Thorhammer

Hair - Beard Bead Thorhammer

Awaken the spirit of the Vikings with our Thorhammer stainless steel hair beard bead.
This remarkable bead was meticulously crafted to capture the shape of Mjölnir, the
legendary hammer of the god Thor.

Made from strong and durable stainless steel, this bead is not only stylish but
also particularly hard-wearing. The shiny steel gives your beard or hair a
unique shine and will surely attract attention.

This bead is more than just a simple hair or beard ornament. She is an expression of
Strength and courage inspired by the brave and fearless Viking culture. Wear
Wear them with pride as a token of your adventurous spirit and independent spirit.

Whether in your beard or in your hair, the Thorhammer stainless steel hair beard bead is a
real eye-catcher. It's easy to put on and securely holds what you wear all day.
a bold and distinctive look guaranteed.

The Thorhammer stainless steel hair beard bead is the perfect gift for anyone who
Loves Viking culture or is just looking for a unique accessory.
Let the power of Mjölnir accompany you on your adventures!

Material : stainless steel
Dimensions: approx. 13 x 10mm
Inner hole: about 8mm

10.50 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
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