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An amulet is called a wearable piece of jewelry, to which magical powers are attributed through discussion and charge. It is said to bring luck to the wearer, protect it from harm, or connect it to a deity. The influence on health, as well as the defense or alleviation of diseases, is said to be an amulet through its magical effect. The amulet is usually worn around the neck on the body. But it is also often worn visibly as a piece of jewelry or as a sign of belonging to a community in addition to its intended magical aspect. In many cultures of prehistory, amulets were usually made from remains (teeth and claws) in order to give the wearer the abilities of the animal. Special stones and crystals have also been used for this since the Stone Age. During excavations, for example. found in Celtic settlement remains and graves polished, pierced skull fragments or decorated pieces of bone around the neck of the buried. Thus, they form an important part in the area of ​​medieval jewelry, Viking jewelry or Celtic jewelry.

We also make amulets to your liking, you can choose the subject and the blank at no extra charge. We also like to design your desired motive for a small surcharge of 2 Euro according to your information.

Hindu Amulet Aum (Om) yantra

Amulet Aum (Om)

Om (also Aum; Sanskrit: ॐ) is a syllable that is considered sacred by Hindus, Jainas and
The sound stands for the transcendent original sound, from its vibrations
according to Hindu
Understanding the entire universe came about. It denotes the highest
conception of God
the formless Brahman, the impersonal world soul.

This includes the realm of visible appearances and the realm of the transcendent. Om is
and became the most comprehensive and sublime symbol in Hindu metaphysics
first used
in the Upanishads.
Later on, Om was considered to be the union of the three Sounds a, u
and m become the object of mystical meditation.

Among other things, it symbolizes the triad of Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. It corresponds
with the states of waking, dreaming, deep sleep and the deepest calm. In in all Hindu
religions it is considered the most sacred of all mantras.
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