Amulets 25mm

An amulet is a portable object to which magical powers are attributed, with which it should bring luck (energetic, sacramental effect) and protect from harm (apotropaic effect). In its fortune-producing and usually larger design, it is also called talisman. The amulet has parallels to the votive offering with its magical effect. While the votive offering is typically deposited in a seemingly appropriate location, the amulet serves to be carried on the body or in a bag. Apart from its intended magical aspect, the amulet can also be visibly worn as a jewel or as a sign of belonging to a mostly religious community. Already in the prehistory people relied (teeth and claws) on their killed prey. They should give the wearer the power of the animal. Amulets find application in medicine, as protection of pregnant women, against the evil eye and - for example, the nutmeg - as a love spell. The amulet has the animistic notion that magical powers act on the person he can counteract through the amulet. Amulets are known in all cultures. Since the Stone Age they used shells or pearls and special stones such as amber and rock crystals. In Celtic settlement remains polished, pierced skull fragments (amulets?) Were found during excavations.

We also make amulets to your liking, you can choose the subject and the blank at no extra charge. We also like to design your desired motive for a small surcharge of 2 Euro according to your information.

Amulet Aum (Om)

Amulet Aum (Om)

The sound stands for the transcendental original sound. Om (also Aum, Sanskrit:)
is a syllable, which is found in Hindus, Jainas and Buddhists As sacred. The sound
is closely linked to the penetrating deep sound of the  shankha worm horn. In many
mantras, which consist of several words, The syllable Om is preceded.

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