Yoni Dhoop
Yoni Dhoop Shamanic incense

Yoni Dhoop Shamanic incense

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Incense rough night Shamanic incense

Incense rough night

Expel all kinds of ghosts and bring back the light.
The time between the years was in the old popular belief as a special time. The days from Christmas to Epiphany were considered to have "fallen out of time" as a time when the veils of this world open to the hereafter, our ancestors seek contact with us, ghosts swirl around and Wotan drives with his entourage mischief.

But it was also a time that was particularly suitable for mystical experiences. In ancient times, these days were deliberately celebrated - they held a lot of introspection, oraculared for the next year, remembered the ancestors and drove out the spirits.
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Deva Dhoop Shamanic incense

Deva Dhoop

The fragrance of the gods: Deva Dhoop appears already in the oldest sources. This very old incense mixture brings you back into contact with nature. The Deva Dhoop clarifies mental confusion, nervousness and overload.

Ingredients: conifers, Tamala cinnamon, spices, high mountain herbs, u.a.

         The fragrance of the gods
         Deva Dhoop appears already in the oldest sources
         This very old incense mixture brings you back into contact with nature
         Clarifies mental confusion, nervousness and overload
         For smoking on charcoal and sieve
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Pine resin shamanic incense

Pine resin

Pine resin
(Pinus sylvestris)
Cleaning - joy
Pine resin has a strong cleansing effect and frees our mind of contaminated sites. It dispels melancholy and sadness and gives us a feeling of security. Gladly we see again the light of life; Joy and harmony enter our soul. A gentle, restrained scent.
A gentle, restrained scent
Has a cleansing effect
Banishes melancholy and sadness
For smoking on charcoal and sieve
6.96 USD