Viking runes bangle
Viking runes bangle
Preview: Viking runes bangle
Preview: Viking runes bangle
Viking runes bangle made in stainless steel
Mobile Preview: Viking runes bangle
Mobile Preview: Viking runes bangle

Viking runes bangle made in stainless steel

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22.30 USD

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Thara necklace made of 925 silver

Silver necklace Thara

Beautifully crafted silver necklace that fits almost every jewelry pendant.

The necklace is suitable for jewelry pendants with an opening from 0.3 cm.
If the chain does not fit through your pendant, you can adjust the small ring at the end of the chain with a fine pair of pliers.
28.20 USD
Large wall hanging wall cloth from the Norse mythology Valknut ravens

Wall hanging Valknut ravens

One of the most important symbols of Norse mythology is the symbol of Odin / Wotan and his Einherjer, the Valknut, or also called Wotan's knot. It consists of three intertwined triangles that form a unit and thus also to form a trinity similar to the triquetra.

The Valknut is a very powerful symbol as it represents strength, power as well as wisdom of the Father of Gods and his loyal warriors, but at the same time also the trinities of life, such as Birth, life and die. It is a symbol of protection as well as devotion. This symbol was paired with our wall cloth with ravens, which in turn stand for wisdom, thinking and memory.

Our wonderfully designed wall hanging impresses with its lively colors, its clear lines and its clean edges. It was made from high quality 100% polyester, which is soft, environmentally friendly and durable. It creates a very positive and relaxed atmosphere in your house, bedroom, study, or wherever you are have decided to hang him up. Impress your guests with this eye-catcher and create a good atmosphere.

With advanced HD printing, this wall hanging shows fashionable and long-lasting effects without fading. This wall cloth can be attached very easily with decorative thumbtacks, pins, thumbtacks or ribbons on the fasten the chosen place.

Of course, this beautiful wall cloth can be very easily hand washed or machine washed on a gentle cycle Please use a mild detergent with cold water. Do not bleach or iron.

37.64 USD

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Rune ring Tiwaz old Futhark

Rune ring Tiwaz

TIWAZ (Tir) is assigned to the god Tyr who communicates
is brought with world order, justice and the
winning law. TIWAZ stands for unshakeable
Targetedness and willingness to help others
sacrifice. TIWAZ is also Polarstern, in the night and
Fog shows the right way and keeps away from wrong paths.

8.26 USD

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