Spirituality, esotericism

Spiritual Jewelry: Where Aesthetics Meets Meaning

The desire to wear something meaningful and beautiful leads many people to spiritual jewelry. These unique pieces of jewelry serve not only as aesthetic additions, but also as powerful symbols of various beliefs, philosophies and intentions.

More than just accessories

Spiritual jewelry goes beyond mere decoration. It can serve as a talisman, for meditation or as a reminder of personal goals and aspirations. Many people wear it to express their spirituality and faith.

Symbolism and meaning

Whether it's crosses, Om symbols, crescents or other spiritual symbols, every pendant and piece of jewelry carries a deeper meaning. These symbols can have cultural, religious or personal relevance and provide the wearer with a sense of connection and meaning.

Variety of materials

Spiritual jewelry is made from a wide range of materials, from traditional metals such as gold and silver to natural materials such as wood, stone and crystals. Each material can have its own spiritual meaning.


Spiritual jewelry offers a unique combination of aesthetic appeal and deep meaning. It appeals to those who want to harmonize their inner world and their outer expression. Whether as a gift or for personal use, spiritual jewelry is more than just a piece of jewelry; it is an expression of the soul.

Wolf's Yin Yang

Wolf's Yin Yang

Here you will find the perfect piece of jewelery to express your connection with nature and the
show Norse mythology. Our stainless steel pendant Wolfs Yin Yang in a rune circle is a unique
piece of jewelry that balances the forces of life

Originally from Chinese philosophy, the Yin Yang symbol is a Symbol for the balance between
The wolf motif is an important part of the Norse mythology and stands for strength,
courage and ferocity.
In this jewel the wolf motif is combined with the yin yang symbol in the
rune circle to create a unique
Symbol of creating balance and strength.

Made from high quality stainless steel, this pendant is durable and strong. It's perfect suitable
for everyday use and will surely become a faithful companion for all adventurers,
Fighters and
fans of Norse mythology.

The runic circle around the symbol gives the pendant another meaning. The runes were a script
of the ancient Germanic tribes, known for their use in magical rituals and as
symbols of Norse
mythology were known.
The rune circle in this jewel is a symbol of the cycle of life and nature,
and symbolizes the constant
Change and transformation in our lives.

The stainless steel pendant Wolfs Yin Yang in the rune circle is not only a great piece of jewelry
Fans of Norse mythology, but also a symbol of balance and strength that is worn can be
used to support us in difficult times and to protect us from negative influences
protection. Order
now and add this unique pendant to yours
jewelry collection added. Feel free to contact us if you
have any questions.

Mateial : stainless steel
Size : 28 x30mm
from 18.76 USD
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