Incense, incense, pure tree resins

The meaning of smoking

The smoker ritual is still today, as it has been from ancient times, a fascinating experience.

Noble substances such as woods, resins and herbs are converted into smoke when burned, which carries the essence to a subtle level. The purpose of smoking was and is to use the smoke to connect our earthly thinking with the perception of subtle, invisible spheres.

Over the gently curling column of smoke we come to rest and draw new powers for the soul.


About smoking
The burning of herbs and resins in different forms is one of many ancient traditions of our world. The fire acts here - in contrast to evaporation - as a mediator and transformers. When burned, gross substances are converted into smoke, which carries the essence to a subtle level.
This creates the connection with higher and finer levels. The purpose of smoking was and is to connect through the smoke our earthly thinking with the perception of subtle, invisible spheres.


In principle, there are two types of smoking:
1. The smoking on burning coal

Traditionally, smoking materials were smoked on burning coal. You need a refractory vessel and maybe some sand.
Nowadays, the most popular type of coal is the self-igniting coal. It is easy to use as it ignites itself once it has been lit. But here too we should make sure that the coal gets enough air around it during the ignition process. It is better to put the round tablet upright (especially if we are smoking on sand) so that it gets enough air to burn through. As soon as gray spots appear on the edges of the coal, you can tip them over again.
Now the smoking fun can begin. Dose carefully at first, as the smoke volume can be enormous in both resins and herbs.
Another option is the nature pur - charcoal. These are pressed herbs that even produce a pleasant scent. The herbal coal glows slowly and gels piece by piece the resin lying on it. So if the effect of black coal is too intense, it can try with the much gentler herbal coal. It is best to smoke the herbal coal on a mesh vessel, as it gets more air to smolder here than on sand.

2. The smoking on a sieve with tealight

The other type of smoking is smoking over a tealight with a colander. This method is based on aromatherapy. A very fine sieve is placed at a distance of about 5 to 10 cm above a tealight. Aroma lamps are suitable for this purpose, from which one can take off the shell and replace it with a smoking sieve or incense ovens specially made for the sieves. The herbs or resins are added directly to the sieve. Due to the rising heat of the candle flame, they slowly fade away. Caution: If the net gets too close to the candle, herbs or resins may ignite. Please do not leave unattended!
Against witches

Gegen Hexen

Die Schamanische Räucherung "Gegen Hexen" ist eine kraftvolle Mischung aus natürlichen
Inhaltsstoffen, die seit Jahrhunderten von Schamanen und Hexen zur Reinigung und Abwehr
von negativen Energien verwendet wird. Der Duft der Räucherung ist stark und intensiv, was
dazu beiträgt, schädliche Energien und Wesenheiten zu vertreiben und eine schützende
Atmosphäre zu schaffen.

Die Mischung enthält verschiedene Kräuter und Harze, die jeweils eine spezifische Wirkung
haben. Olibanum, auch bekannt als Weihrauch, wird seit jeher für spirituelle Rituale verwendet
und hat eine reinigende Wirkung auf Körper, Geist und Seele. Wacholder hat eine starke
schützende Wirkung und wird oft verwendet, um negative Energien zu vertreiben. Baldrian
wirkt beruhigend und entspannend, was dazu beiträgt, Stress und Angst zu reduzieren. Anis
hat eine süße und würzige Note und wird oft verwendet, um positive Energie anzuziehen.
Teufelsdreck und Erdrauch haben eine starke schützende Wirkung und werden oft verwendet,
um Hexen und böse Geister fernzuhalten.

Die Schamanische Räucherung "Gegen Hexen" kann auf verschiedene Arten verwendet
werden. Sie kann auf eine Räucherkohle oder in eine Räucherpfanne gegeben werden, um
den Raum zu reinigen und zu schützen. Sie kann auch auf Kleidung oder persönliche
Gegenstände gesprüht werden, um negative Energien abzuwehren. Die Anwendung sollte
jedoch mit Bedacht erfolgen, da der Duft sehr intensiv sein kann.

Unsere Schamanische Räucherung "Gegen Hexen" wird in Deutschland hergestellt und
enthält nur natürliche Inhaltsstoffe. Wir verwenden keine synthetischen Düfte oder
Chemikalien und legen großen Wert auf Nachhaltigkeit und Umweltschutz. Unsere
Produkte sind vegan und tierversuchsfrei.

Wenn du nach einem natürlichen Weg suchst, um schädliche Energien und Wesenheiten
zu vertreiben und dich vor negativen Einflüssen zu schützen, dann probiere unsere
Schamanische Räucherung "Gegen Hexen" aus. Sie ist eine kraftvolle und effektive
Mischung, die dir helfen wird, eine schützende Atmosphäre zu schaffen und dich
sicher zu fühlen.

Inhaltsstoffe: Olibanum, Wacholder, Baldrian, Anis, Teufelsdreck, Erdrauch
Menge :  50 Milliliter (13,00 € * / 100 Milliliter)

7.67 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
For witches

For witches

Witchcraft has a long history and many traditions that go back to the Germanic
culture. For modern witches, rituals and gatherings are often an important
Part of their practice to increase their skills and knowledge. The shaman
Incense "For Witches" is specially tailored to these needs and consists of
a blend of natural ingredients that have been used in witchcraft for centuries be used. olibanum, elecampane, juniper, anise, mugwort; and marshmallows were
carefully selected to create a powerful fragrance that appeals to the senses and
promotes concentration. The combination of these herbs also promotes visualization, leading to
can help increase the effectiveness of rituals and spellwork.

Also known as frankincense, olibanum has been an important ingredient in
since ancient times incenses. It is often considered a sacred scent and has a calming effect on
the ghost. Elecampane is often called "Witchesweed" and has a long history in the
herbalism. It is often used to encourage creativity and the ability to visualize.

Juniper has a cleansing effect and is often used to ward off negative energy.
Anise is often used to improve mood and to promote clarity and inspiration.
mugwort is also known as "Witchesweed" known and often used for protection and purification.
Marigold is another herb commonly used in herbalism and witchcraft
and is known for its protective effect.

The shamanic incense "For witches" is an excellent choice for modern witches,
who want to deepen their practice. It can help with concentration and visualization and
d is a wonderful addition to rituals and spell work. The amount of 50 milliliters
is sufficient for several applications and the product comes in a practical bottle
delivered. The shamanic incense "For witches" is a unique and powerful
Blend designed for modern witches combining traditional herbs and
Contains scents of witchcraft.

Ingredients: olibanum, elecampane, juniper, anise, mugwort, milkweed
Quantity : 50 milliliters (€13.00 * / 100 milliliters

7.67 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Ancestry smoke

Ancestral Smoke

Ancestral Smoke is a special incense that was specifically developed for people who have a
want to connect to their ancestors. The ethereal scent of the incense can
to connect with the souls of the deceased and thus the memories of the ancestors
bring back to life.

In the old days it was common to divide families into clans, each with its own
had tasks. The information needed to complete these tasks has been obtained from the
passed on to the young. Through the connection to the ancestors one could
Use the knowledge and experience of past generations and thus continue to exist
secure for family and community.

The ancestral smoke is a shamanic fragrance that is used during a trance journey into the interior of the
Self helps and enables a deeper contact to the ancestors. The incense
consists of spruce resin, valerian and fumitory and is composed in such a way that it
can absorb and strengthen the energies of the ancestors.

By using the ancestral smoke, people can better
their roots understand and build a deeper connection to their ancestors. It can help
Understand patterns of behavior and traditions to create a stronger identity develop.

The smoking can be done alone or in a group and is suitable
particularly suitable for spiritual rituals and ceremonies. The Ancestral Smoke can also be found at
Funerals and memorial services are used to connect with the
To strengthen and honor the memory of the deceased.

The quantity is 50 milliliters, which at a price of 13.00 euros. one
per 100 milliliters affordable price for this special incense. Treat yourself
this special experience and immerse yourself in the world of the ancestors and the
spiritual connection.

Ingredients: spruce resin, valerian, fumitory
Quantity : 50 milliliters (€13.00 * / 100 milliliters)

7.67 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Holda - mix

Holda - Blend

The Holda blend is an incense that represents the winter aspect of the year and
establishes a connection to the female part of the Germanic cosmos. It contains a
unique blend of natural ingredients such as spruce resin, milkweed,
Angelica root and amber combine to create an earthy-sweet character.

The goddess Freya is an important figure in Germanic mythology and is often referred to as the
referred to as the goddess of love. She is also known for being the winter aspect of the year
and is often associated with snow, ice and cold. The Holda Blend
was specifically designed to capture these aspects of Freya and her connection to
to honor women.

Lighting this incense will release an earthy and sweet scent that will transport you into
leads to a deeper level of consciousness. The Holda Blend can help you get in touch
to step into your feminine side and deepen your spiritual practice. You can use the
Use incense to aid in your meditation or to accompany a sacred ceremony
to perform.

The Holda blend is also a great choice for winter if you wish have to connect with nature and the world around you. You can use the incense
use to create a cozy and soothing atmosphere in your home
and to prepare for the dark and cold days of winter. The Holda Blend
can help you ground yourself and center your energies as you navigate the dark
go through the season.

The Holda blend is made from natural ingredients and contains none
synthetic or harmful additives. You can rest assured that you are getting a quality
Get a product that offers you only the best of nature. The fumigation is done in a
Supplied in a practical 50 milliliter pack and is therefore perfect for regular
users Use at home or on the go.

Overall, the Holda blend is a unique incense made specifically for women
designed to connect with the feminine and the winter aspect
t of the year honor. With her earthy and sweet aromas she will help you to
to ground and center your energies as you deepen your spiritual practice.
Try them and be inspired by their powerful effects!

Ingredients: spruce resin, milkweed, angelica root, amber
Quantity : 50 milliliters (€ 13.00 * / 100 milliliters)

7.67 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Wotan's incense

Wotan's incense

Wotan is considered the supreme god in Germanic mythology
as the keeper of knowledge and memory, as a divine magician, eternal
Researcher and god of ecstasy.

With this incense mixture you
contact with Wotan through the forest-fresh scent.
An incense especially for people with the god Wotan in
want to get in touch

Ingredients: spruce resin, juniper, mugwort
Quantity : 50 milliliters (€ 13.00 * / 100 milliliters)

7.67 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Lucid dreams

Lucid dreams

Lucid dreams are a fascinating phenomenon that occurs during sleep
consciously experiencing one's own dreams. But not everyone has this ability naturally.
With the Lucid Dreams sleep incense you can train this ability and

The lucid dreams sleep incense is a mixture of different plants that
specially selected for their calming and relaxing effects. The
The ingredients contained such as anise, laurel, nutmeg, sal and boldo have a
calming effect on the nervous system and promote a deep, restful

A deep sleep is important for our well-being and our health. If we don't
enough sleep, we feel tired and unfocused. The lucid dreams sleep incense
helps us to sleep better and deeper and thus rested and full of energy in the
to start day.

But the lucid dreams sleep incense can do even more. She can also save us from nightmares
preserve and help to better integrate our dream events into daily consciousness.
By consciously remembering and reflecting on our dreams, we can
Get to know yourself better and promote our personality development.

The lucid dreams sleep incense comes in a 60 milliliter jar.
Application is simple: just apply a small amount of the mixture
before bedtime Place on a glowing charcoal and breathe in the scent. The pleasant smell of the
Plant mixture helps to relax and switch off and accompanies us gently in the

Experience a deep and restful sleep with the lucid dreams sleep incense and
support your subconscious to get to know you better. Order the
now Lucid dreams sleep incense and enjoy the calming effect of the contained

Contents: Anise, laurel, nutmeg, sal, boldo and others
Content of the jar: 60 milliliters (€11.17 * / 100 milliliters)

7.91 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs

Expand consciousness

Welcome to our world of incense, where we offer you a blend that will
can help expand your awareness and give you a deeper perception.
Our Incense Blend "Expand Consciousness" was carefully selected from different
Herbs and botanicals compiled to help you clear your thoughts and
create a deeper connection to yourself.

The ingredients of this blend, such as diptam, catnip, mace and mullein,
have played an important role in incense science since ancient times. They were
used to induce visions, expand consciousness and induce deep trance
states to get. By using this incense blend you can revive these ancient practices
revive and establish a deeper connection to your inner wisdom.

Our 'Expanding Consciousness' Incense Blend is also an excellent choice for
People who want to do deep meditation or spiritual practices. She can
Help you expand your perception and connect more deeply to the higher
create levels of consciousness.

Our incense blend comes in a 60ml bottle, which is enough for several
fumigation is. We value the quality of our products and make sure that we
only use the best herbs and plants for our blends.

We encourage you to check out our 'Expanding Awareness' Incense blend in one
Use incense or on a charcoal tray for maximum effect
achieve. We are sure you will be amazed by the results and we look forward
looking forward to helping you on your spiritual journey. Order now and experience the
Power of incense!

Contents: diptam, catnip, nutmeg, mullein, etc.
Content of the jar: 60 milliliters (€11.17 * / 100 milliliters)

7.91 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Strong protection

Strong protection

Whether quarrels with our fellows, verbal or
energetic attacks - this incense surrounds us
a strong protection, so that these energies do not us
can meet more.
Some plants have the power of a protective wall around us
build. This way, foreign energies no longer have a chance
to invade our energy field.
7.91 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Nature spirits

Nature spirits

Immerse yourself in the mystical atmosphere of the rough nights and open the veil between our
world and the other world. With our unique incense you can get in touch with
Tree devas, elves and gnomes ease you into mystical experiences in this
open at a special time.

The rough nights are an old tradition, which is popularly believed to be a time when the veil
between the worlds are thin. It is a time when this world and the hereafter
connect with each other and spiritual energies can be felt particularly intensively. Dated December 24th
through January 6th, from Christmas to Epiphany, these days are referred to as "out of time
fell out" considered, in which the nature spirits and ancestors seek contact with us
and ghosts up to mischief.

Our Naturgeister Rauhnacht incense helps you to be aware of this magical time celebrate and open yourself to mystical experiences. With their unique scent and
With its special composition of selected herbs, woods and resins, it invites
incorporate the energies of the nature spirits into your rituals and meditations. The carefully selected
Ingredients have been smoked using traditional methods to reveal their cleansing, protective
and to develop strengthening properties.

The tree devas, also known as tree spirits or tree creatures, are known in many cultures as
wise and spiritual beings worshiped. They are keepers of the trees and embody the wise and
deep energies of nature. With our Rauhnacht incense you can have a deeper contact
to the tree devas to integrate their wisdom and power into your life.

Elves are often known as playful and magical beings in folklore. They are often associated with
Natural phenomena such as forests, flowers and water are associated and considered to be
Guardian of nature. Our incense can help you connect with the elves
and to use their playful and magical energy in your rituals.

Gnomes, also known as earth spirits or goblins, are seen as guardians of the earth in many cultures
and revered nature. They are considered hardworking and wise creatures that live in the depths of the earth
and care for the balance in nature. With our incense you can use the energies
invite the gnomes into your rituals and benefit from their wisdom and earthiness.

Our Rauhnacht incense is carefully packaged in a 50ml jar to ensure purity and
To guarantee the quality of the ingredients. She was made with love and care according to traditional
Methods crafted to unleash their magical properties.

Content 50 ml glass. EUR 9.00 per 100m

5.31 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Incense rough night

Incense Raunacht

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of nature spirits with our incense Raunacht
fumigation. Since ancient times, the time between Christmas and Epiphany has been
as something special, as a time when the veils between this world and
beyond are thin and mystical experiences are possible. Our incense is perfect
suitable to facilitate this contact to the other world and to drive away spirits.

The Rauhnacht incense consists of high-quality incense, which is known for its cleansing
and protective properties. Frankincense has been used in
for centuries used in different cultures for spiritual rituals and is considered to be one
of the most powerful Incenses. It is said that incense expels negative energies,
positive ones Attract energies and have a harmonizing effect on body, mind and soul
may have.

Our incense Raunacht incense is particularly suitable for the time between
the years when the borders between the worlds blur and the nature spirits
show their presence. She can help drive away spirits, contact tree devas,
Elves and gnomes to lighten and bring back the light. You can also
support, to keep introspection, to oracle for the coming year and the ancestors
to commemorate.

The incense comes in a handy 50ml jar and is easy to use.
Simply put a small amount of the incense on a charcoal or in an incense holder
give and enjoy the pleasant scent. The warm, resinous scent of incense creates
a relaxed and meditative atmosphere that can contribute to inner peace and clarity.

Our Raunacht incense is of the highest quality and is carefully sourced from natural
raw materials produced. With a price of only EUR 9.00 per 100 ml, it is an affordable
and yet a powerful companion for your Christmas rituals and mystical experiences.

Discover the magical world of nature spirits with our Raunacht incense
and experience the fascinating connection between this world and the afterlife.
Chase away ghosts, celebrate the rough night and open the veil to the other world
with our high-quality incense. Order today and let yourself be inspired by the
mystical power of incense enchant!

Contents 50 ml glass.
EUR 9.00 per 100ml

5.31 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Copal Manila

Copal Manila

Discover the fascinating world of Copal Manila with our pure resin incense. With
With its lemony, light and incense-like fragrance, Copal Manila takes you into a world
t full of delicacy and purity. This ancient incense has been used for centuries for spiritual and
spiritual work uses and supports you to clear your mind and your
to deepen spiritual practice.

Our Copal Manila incense is made from high quality Copal Manila resin that
originates from trees in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. The resin is made by hand
collected and processed with care to preserve its natural properties and its
to preserve a unique scent. Copal Manila is known for its fresh, lemony scent
with a slightly resinous note that is pleasant and invigorating.

The use of Copal Manila resin in fumigation has a long history and
is appreciated by many cultures worldwide. It is often used to clean rooms,
to expel negative energies and to create a harmonious and clear atmosphere.
Copal Manila is also used for meditative and ritual purposes to increase concentration
to promote, to expand consciousness and to strengthen the connection to the spiritual world.

Our Copal Manila incense comes in a handy 60ml glass bottle that
is easy to use and integrates well into your smoking practice. The resin
can be used on an incense charcoal or an incense stick and spread
its delightful fragrance in the room as it slowly burns and its purifying
properties unfolded.

To use Copal Manila, simply take a small amount of the resin and place
it on a charcoal or an incense stick. Light the charcoal or the
Incense and watch as the resin slowly burns and releases its fragrance.
Take a deep breath and let yourself be carried away by the refreshing and invigorating scent of Copal Manila
enchant. Use this time to relax, meditate, or focus on your
focus on spiritual practice.

Copal Manila's cleansing and supportive properties make it a
ideal choice for rituals, meditation, energy work or just to have a pleasant
create atmosphere in your home. Its unique fragrance will inspire you and
stimulate your senses while cleansing your environment of negative energies and

Discover the powerful effect of Copal Manila with our high-quality incense
and immerse yourself in the world of lemony tenderness. Order today and enjoy
cleansing power of Copal Manila for your mental and spiritual work!

Content: 60 ml glass bottle Price: 10.83 euros per 100ml

7.67 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Elemi Manila

Elemi Manila

Elemi Manila Pure Resins - Discover the powerful effects of nature!

Elemi Manila is a unique incense resin that exudes a citrusy, woody scent and
with hints of fennel, frankincense and grass. This extraordinary
Incense has a long tradition in spiritual practice and is used for its purifying,
cleansing and energizing effect.

The mental faculties are stimulated by smoking Elemi Manila, so that
is ideal for meditation, ritual and other spiritual practices. It supports the
To clear the mind, sharpen the senses and promote concentration. Elemi Manila is often
with other refreshing and cleansing incenses such as mastic, citronella grass and
Blended with sweetgrass to enhance the effect.

The high-quality Elemi Manila incense resin is carefully extracted from natural resins
and is of the highest quality. It is ideal for use in smokers,
Incense or incense sticks. Simply pour a small amount onto hot coals or
give a charcoal and enjoy the wonderful scent.

The 60 ml glass bottle contains the purest Elemi Manila resins and is easy to use. With
a price of 10.83 euros per 100ml it is an affordable yet high quality
Incense that takes you into the fascinating world of nature spirits and spiritual rituals

Experience for yourself the powerful effect of Elemi Manila incense resin and discover the
Variety of naturopathy and scent therapy. Use it for energetic cleansing, spiritual
Clarification and Spiritual Practices. Order today and immerse yourself in the world of
Nature spirits and their fascinating properties!

  • Use: incense burners, incense burners, incense sticks
  • Effect: clarifying, cleansing, energizing, stimulating
  • Mixture: ideal with mastic, citronella grass, sweetgrass
  • Quality: high-quality, natural incense resin
  • Tradition: longstanding use in spiritual practices
Discover the spirits of nature with Elemi Manila Pure Resins - Order now and get the
experience the fascinating world of incense!

Content: 60 milliliters (10.83 euros * / 100 milliliters)
7.67 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Lucky child

Lucky child

"lucky child" - Powerful incense for inner contentment and love

Sometimes you need a little push to discover the lucky child in you and in
dancing in harmony with the universe. Our incense "lucky child" became exactly
developed for this. With balsamic and uplifting scents, she draws serenity into our
Live and let mental injuries simply melt away.

The carefully selected mixture of tonka, calamus, hyssop, nutmeg, hibiscus and
other high-quality ingredients has a harmonizing effect on body, mind and soul. This
Incense helps us to strengthen our inner contentment and love within
to enhance our lives.

Tonka, known for its warm, sweet and balsamic scents, has a calming and
effect relaxing on our senses. Sweet flag, also known as "root of happiness" known, promotes the
mental well-being and helps us to release inner blockages. Hyssop is often used for its
cleansing and protective effect and supports us in using negative energies
to fend off Nutmeg is known for its aphrodisiac properties and promotes
love and trust. Hibiscus brings a floral and happy note to the mix
and supports us in achieving a heart-open mood.

The incense "Glückskind" is easy to use. Just a small amount on
put it on a charcoal tablet or in an incense burner and enjoy the wonderful scent.
Immerse yourself in the world of incense and let yourself be inspired by the harmonizing and
be enchanted by invigorating scents.

The jar contains 60 milliliters of this powerful incense at a price of
€11.17 per 100 milliliters. Order now and discover the lucky child in you!

Contents: tonka, calamus, hyssop, nutmeg, hibiscus, etc.
Content of the jar: 60 milliliters (€11.17 * / 100 milliliters)

7.91 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Visions, prophecy, shamanic incense


Be inspired by the prophetic power of incense! Our incense
"Prophecy" strengthens your connection to higher worlds and helps you find answers to your
to receive questions. Ideal for card reading, commuting and more. The unique blend of
Bay leaves, elderberry, mace, myrrh, mastic and other botanicals have been
has always been used to increase perception, to obtain visions and the
to expand awareness. Immerse yourself in a world of spiritual insights and
discover the magic of incense with our powerful "Prophecy" incense.

With our "Prophecy" incense you can take your spiritual practices to a new
level bring levels. The selected plant substances are known for their visionary effect and
have long been used by shamans and spirituals to reach into higher dimensions
dive in and receive insights from the universe. Add bay leaves
the mixture an energizing note and promote intuition. Elderberry is known for
its protective and cleansing effect, while nutmeg and myrrh do
Opening consciousness and enabling a deeper connection to the spiritual levels.
Mastic gives the incense a grounding effect and aids in clearing
thoughts and emotions.

Our "Prophecy" incense is ideal for rituals of card reading, commuting
or other divinatory practices. It helps to sharpen the senses that
To expand consciousness and strengthen the connection to higher worlds. The
Incense can also be used in meditations or simply to create a spiritual
atmosphere can be used.

The glass contains 60 milliliters of our high-quality incense mixture, which is carefully
natural ingredients was selected. Each ingredient has been tested for quality and
Suitability for spiritual practices tested. The incense comes in an attractive
Supplied glass and is easy to use. Squeeze a small amount into a
Smoked charcoal or in an incense burner and let yourself be carried away by the balsamic
and visionary fragrances enchant.

Discover the prophetic power of incense with our unique
"Prophecy" incense. Be inspired by higher worlds, answers to
Receiving your questions and deepening your spiritual practice. Immerse yourself in a
World of visions and spiritual insights and experience the magic of incense in
a new dimension. Order our "Prophetie" incense glass now and
enrich your spiritual practices with this powerful blend of bay leaves,
Elderberry, mace, myrrh, mastic and other botanicals.

Contents: bay leaves, elderberry, nutmeg, myrrh, mastic, etc.
Content of the jar: 60 milliliters (€11.17 * / 100 milliliters)

7.91 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs


Self-confidence is an important key to a fulfilling and successful life. Our
powerful incense "confidence" supports you in raising your self-confidence
strengthen and trust in your inner strength. With a carefully selected blend of
Plant substances such as elecampane, thyme, angelica and pine resin unfold in this incense
positive traits and will help you feel confident and confident in the world
to claim.

The power of plants has always been used to help people live. Our incense
"Confidence" offers you a natural support to increase your self-confidence
and to feel confident in different life situations. Whether at work or in private
Environment or in personal challenges - this incense can help you
Recognizing your own strengths and boosting your self-confidence.

The carefully selected ingredients such as elecampane, thyme, angelica and pine resin
unfold their beneficial properties when smoking and help you to find your inner
Activate power and build self-confidence. Elecampane is known for its strengthening and
protective effect, while thyme promotes mental strength. Angelica is often used for its
positive properties in dealing with stress and anxiety and pine resin has a
purifying effect on body and mind.

Applying the incense "Confidence" is simple. Give a small amount
of the mixture onto a heatproof surface, light and let the smoke
rise slowly. Breathe in and out deeply while letting in the soothing scents
have an effect. You can use this incense in different situations if you use more
Need self-confidence, inner strength and self-confidence. Whether before important meetings,
Exams or personal challenges - this incense can help you
to feel confident and empowered.

Order our incense "Confidence" with 60 milliliters packed in a
practical little glasses. The price per 100 milliliters is 11.17 euros. Convince yourself of
the powerful effect of this incense and feel how your self-confidence grows and
unleash your inner strength. Order now and let yourself be carried away by the magical power
support the plants!

Contents: Elecampane, thyme, angelica, pine resin, etc.
Content of the jar: 60 milliliters (€11.17 * / 100 milliliters)

7.91 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Clean pineal gland

Pineal Gland Cleansing

Welcome to our shamanic incense to cleanse the pineal gland! We are proud
ready to bring you a unique and powerful blend of pure and natural ingredients
to offer to support your mental clarity and spiritual connection.

Our incense contains a special blend of Turmeric, Orange, Mastic, Sandalwood,
Cornflower and other valuable ingredients that have been used by shamans for centuries
used around the world to cleanse and stimulate the pineal gland.

The pineal gland, also known as the "third eye", is a small organ in the brain responsible for
our mental and spiritual well-being is vital. A
Clogged or blocked pineal gland can lead to a lack of clarity, focus and intuition
while a cleansed and stimulated pineal gland can help you achieve your full
unleash mental and spiritual power.

Our incense contains turmeric, a powerful anti-inflammatory compound known for
Its antioxidant properties are known and can help to stimulate the
pineal gland to cleanse harmful toxins and free radicals. Orange is rich in vitamin C and can
help to strengthen the immune system and support the pineal gland, while mastic
has a strong antiseptic effect and can help to relieve
the pineal gland to clean harmful bacteria and viruses.

Known for its calming and relaxing properties, sandalwood can
help calm the mind and reduce stress, while cornflower helps
can increase the energy of the third eye and improve perception.

Supplied in a handy 60ml jar, our incense is easy
to use. You can smoke the mixture on a charcoal or in an incense burner
Light and enjoy the scent while you focus on your mental and spiritual cleansing

We are proud to offer you a high quality and authentic shamanic incense
to be able to offer you, specially developed for cleaning and stimulating the pineal gland
became. We believe that each of us has the ability to use our mental and spiritual powers
to unfold and we hope that our incense can help you reach your full power
and unleash your full potential.

Order our shamanic incense for cleaning the pineal gland and
today let us help you support your mental and spiritual journey. Thank
Thanks for your interest in our products!

Contents: turmeric, orange, mastic, sandalwood, cornflower, etc.
Content of the jar:
60 milliliters (11.17 euros * / 100 milliliters)

7.91 USD
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The rough nights are a mystical time of transition and opportunity for one
strong new start in the new year. Our powerful incense "Aufbruch" will help you
neutralizing negative influences and giving you new energy for a fresh start win.

In old folk belief, the days from Christmas to Epiphany were considered a special
Time when the veils between this world and the afterlife open and spirits
wander around In the past, these days were consciously celebrated to introspect, for
to oracle the coming year, to commemorate the ancestors and to drive away the spirits.
Nowadays, many people want to experience and use this time more consciously again.

Our shamanic incense "Awakening" is specially designed for the rough nights to
neutralize negative effects and release new energy. She helps you break away from
Get rid of the old and tackle new projects or existing projects with ease
easier to close. The powerful mixture of natural plant substances supports you
about to experience a new start into the new year and look forward to positive changes

The ingredients of our incense "Aufbruch" are carefully selected and include
a mixture of 50 ml glass. The incense mixture contains, among other things, elecampane, thyme,
Angelica and pine resin, known for their energetic properties and
positive effect on the new beginning and the introspection.

With our incense "Aufbruch" you can consciously use the rough nights to
to set the mood for a strong new start in the new year. Neutralize negative influences
and let new energy flow into your life. Order our powerful
now Incense "Departure" and start the new year with fresh energy!

Contents 50 ml glass.
EUR 9.00 per 100 m

5.31 USD
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Copal Kongo

Copal Kongo

Copal diente den Indianern als Räucherwerk, das eine Initiation begleitete oder zur Divination befähigte.

Der Duft dieses Copals ist fein, weich und warm. Er wirkt anregend auf Phantasie und Intuition und kann die Kreativität bei musischer Tätigkeit unterstützen.

Copal Kongo ein Duft der dabei Hilft vom Kinde zum Manne zu werden und deshalb gerne bei Initationsriten genutzt wird

Inhalt: 60 ml Glas.
9,33 EUR pro 100ml

7.67 USD
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Dammar white

Dammar white

Welcome to the world of Dammar incense - the purest resins that have an illuminating effect
on our minds and bring light into the darkness of our souls. With her lemony,
transparent and finely-ethereal fragrance, Dammar incenses are an ideal choice to
to calm our nerves and bring us back to our center.

The Dammar incenses that we offer are of the highest quality and are made from
100% pure dammar resin extracted from the resin of the dammar tree. This
Resin has been used for centuries in different cultures for its healing properties protected and used as a fumigant.

The lemony scent of dammar resin is refreshing and invigorating, and it creates a
pleasant atmosphere that appeals to our senses. It is known for having a positive vibe
to promote and have an enlightening effect on our mind. It helps negative energies
to expel and support us to come back to our center.

The Dammar incenses are also known to calm our nerves and
relieve stress. They help to create a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere,
which supports us to relax, to come to rest and to let go of inner
to relieve anxiety. They can be used in different situations, be it
meditation, yoga, relaxation or just to have a pleasant and
to create a calming atmosphere in our home.

The Dammar incenses that we offer come in a convenient size of
60 milliliters, giving you enough pure dammar resin for many
offers incenses. The price of 10.83 euros per 100 milliliters makes our
Dammar incenses an affordable yet quality choice for
anyone who wants to experience the illuminating effects of dammar resin.

Discover the power of Dammar incense now and let yourself be inspired by it
lemony fragrance and its illuminating effect on body and soul. Bring
Light up the darkness of your soul and find inner peace and harmony again.
Order our pure Dammar incenses today and enjoy
beneficial effects of these special resins.

Content: 60 milliliters (10.83 euros * / 100 milliliters)

7.67 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs


Welcome to the fascinating world of guggul, one of the most important incenses from
India, Nepal and Tibet. Guggul, also known as Loban, is used not only in Ayurveda but
also treasured for spiritual and magical purposes. Its balmy and slightly sweet scent
exudes a beautiful, spacious atmosphere when smoking.

Guggul is often used to combine spiritual, ritual and magical aspects and
to achieve harmony. Its unique properties make it a popular
Incense resin for people who are looking for inner peace, balance and
are spiritually connected.

Our guggul incense comes in a handy 60ml jar which
€10.83 per 100 ml. Each pack contains pure Guggul resin of the highest
quality Quality that has been carefully selected and crafted to bring you the best
to offer a smoking experience.

Guggul is known for its many uses. It can alone
or used in combination with other incenses to create a unique
To create a fragrance blend that appeals to your senses and helps you create a meditative and
to create a relaxed atmosphere. It's also great for rituals,
ceremonies or as an accompaniment for yoga or meditation practices.

Using guggul incense can help you achieve inner clarity
To deepen your spiritual connection, to reduce stress and negative energies and a
to create a harmonious and balanced mood. It can also be used when cleaning
Spaces, energy fields or personal items can be used to create a positive
Promote vibration and energetic balance.

Discover the powerful effects of guggul, the important incense resin from India.
Nepal and Tibet, and bring more harmony and balance into your life. Order
Get our guggul incense now and experience the transformative power of it
unique incense.

Content:  60 milliliters (10.83 euros * / 100 milliliters)

7.67 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
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