Simple fibula robe clasp
Simple fibula robe clasp
Preview: Simple fibula robe clasp
Preview: Simple fibula robe clasp
Simple fibula robe clasp
Mobile Preview: Simple fibula robe clasp
Mobile Preview: Simple fibula robe clasp

Simple fibula robe clasp

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Wall hanging viking dragon boat

Wall hanging viking dragon boat

The legendary Viking dragon boat surrounded by the runes of the ancient Futhark was chosen
as the design for this wall cloth. This longship, which was way ahead of its time, marked the time
of the Vikings in an impressive way, if not made it possible in the first place.

With this highly developed, seaworthy ship, the Vikings were able to discover distant countries
and continents and engage in extensive trade.Also, in martial aspect, these ships were far from
most ships of the time consider what also coined the term Viking, which means something like
sea warriors, worldwide.

Go on a journey through time and get the historic Viking dragon boat
wall cloth. You will be amazed at the symbiotic combination of tradition and modernity
rejoice in which every rune of the old Futhark has been processed. This magnificently woven
wall cloth shows itself as an awe-inspiring representation of the longship and radiates despite
its mighty radiates a carefree energy.

This impressive wall cloth with its look breaks the monotony of every room
and is ideal for bringing a strong memory into the room. The natural shade is
conceivably peaceful and colorful due to the intensive weave of the polyester. About the
Impressive and proud Viking runes you can get your own personal energy

Anyone looking for a sophisticated wall decoration for their own four
Walls will love the Symbolized Viking Dragon Boat Longship Tapestry.
It can be used to create a modern ambience that is more hidden from the world
Treasures emulates.

Material: 100% polyester
Dimensions: 200 x 150 cm, 150 x 130 cm, 95 x 73 cm

from 17.58 USD