Rune ring Othala
Magical Rune ring Othala

Magical Rune ring Othala

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Cable chain, 5mm x 55cm

Stainless steel chain for women and men>

Chains made of stainless steel - a friendship for life! With their cool elegance they underline the timeless character. A high-quality material that can be processed in an impressive way for any design and cannot be beat due to its strength and longevity. It thus symbolizes an eternal bond with its wearer, which is why they inspire in every respect. The noble metal is very hard and resistant, it is also very easy to clean, so that it still gives pleasure even after years and always looks like new.Shimmering like silver, but much more resistant, it is the ideal basis for high-quality and long-lasting pieces of jewelry.
The plait chain has a diameter of 5mm and is 55cm

Material: stainless steel
Dimensions: 5mm x 55cm
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Summer solstice - incense

Summer solstice - Litha

Summer solstice
The longest day of the year and the shortest night. This smoking nourishes our soul. It shows us our true treasures and gives us the clarity to recognize them. The fullness of being can be so gratefully accepted.
Contents: St. John's wort, verbena, Christofs root, mugwort, spruce resin and others.

Ordinary Festivals
From the Celts we know eight great festivals.
4 suns and 4 moon festivals.
The sun festivals were the equinox and the shortest day or the longest day. The moon festivals are temporally always in the middle of the sun festivals. Their festivals were intense and full of joie de vivre, but also characterized by deep respect for the changing conditions of nature.
It nourishes our soul and strengthens our connection to nature and the cosmos, if we are able to get back to these natural processes.
Respect with respect and respect for what supports and surrounds us every day. At the present time with electric light and central heating; With the hustle and bustle that our everyday life brings with it, there is a great danger that we will not feel the rhythm of nature, the power of the sun and the moon, and the magic of changing the sun or the moon. Everything runs smoothly, without ups and downs, without the wonderful magic that surrounds us.
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Rune ring Kenaz Futhark


In KENAZ (Ken) are passionate use of the giants and
unites the mental power of the Wanengötter. This combination
gives clear thoughts and the warmth of love. KENAZ is
likewise the fire of creation and incarnate
human level the positive side of pleasure, sexual
Love and passion
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