Rune Othala Bronze
Rune Othala Bronze
Preview: Rune Othala Bronze
Preview: Rune Othala Bronze
Rune Othala made in bronze
Mobile Preview: Rune Othala Bronze
Mobile Preview: Rune Othala Bronze

Rune Othala made in bronze

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Wall hanging Viking warrior

Viking Warrior Tapestry

We are proud to offer you our unique Viking wall cloth with the motif of a to present Viking warriors.

The motif of the wall cloth has everything that characterizes a Viking warrior. With Valknut, Vegvisir,
Runes and other symbols, it gives a little insight into the life and beliefs of the people of this
rough time.

This tapestry is a beautiful example of the strength, honor and bravery of the Viking warrior. The
tapestry depicts a Viking warrior in full armor, ready for the
Battle. It is an impressive piece of art
that will bring any room to life.

The wall cloth was made of high quality, durable material, so it is durable and easy to care for. It
is very versatile and can be used as a wall decoration, tablecloth or throw
be used. No matter how
you use it, it will add a unique atmosphere to any room
to lend.

Viking culture has grown in importance in recent years and is an important one today become part
of pop culture.
Many people are interested in history and the Viking culture, and this tapestry
makes a perfect gift for anyone interested in
Viking art and design inspire.

In our shop we offer you high quality products at an affordable price. We want to make sure you are
happy with your purchase and offer you a speedy one
Delivery and excellent customer service.


This Viking wall cloth with the motif of a Viking warrior is a great gift for anyone who are interested in Viking culture and history. It is also a perfect statement for anyone who wants to express their love for Norse mythology. Order this unique Viking wall cloth today and bring the strength, honor and bravery of the Vikings into your life and home.

Material : 100% Polyester
Dimensions: 200 x 150 cm


34.10 USD

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Bronze chain Ardun

Bronze chains - necklaces in the medieval style

In the area of medieval jewelry, the use of bronze chains plays an important role. Jewelry from that time the Celts and Vikings are right back in trend. Since this is mainly made of bronze, are Bronze chains are therefore essential if you want to style yourself authentically. Bronze, is a copper-tin alloy and can be made by different manufacturing processes can be processed into very fine and detailed jewelry. The Celts posed as early as 450 BC First pieces of jewelry made of bronze. An anchor chain for special jewelry pendants made of bronze. This bronze chain has a length of 56 cm and a thickness of 2mm The ring at the end of the chain can be easily adjusted with pliers, so that it also fits through smaller pendants.

Fine, yet very robust bronze necklace
in a thickness of 2mm.
The necklace is suitable for jewelry pendants with an opening from 0.4 cm.

If the chain does not fit through your pendant, you can adjust the small ring at the end of the chain with a fine pair of pliers.
14.04 USD