Rune Kenaz Bronze
Rune Kenaz Bronze
Preview: Rune Kenaz Bronze
Preview: Rune Kenaz Bronze
Rune Kenaz made in bronze
Mobile Preview: Rune Kenaz Bronze
Mobile Preview: Rune Kenaz Bronze

Rune Kenaz made in bronze

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17.58 USD

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Bronze chain Thura

Bronze chain Thura

A sturdy bronze chain, as a template served the fantastic craftsmanship of the Vikings.
This precision crafted Viking necklace has a length of 51 cm and a thickness of 5 mm.
The necklace is suitable for jewelry pendants with an opening from 0.6 cm.

If the chain does not fit through your pendant, you can adjust the small ring at the end of the chain with a fine pair of pliers.
21.12 USD

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Viking longboat wall cloth

Viking longboat wall cloth

The success of the Vikings, which shaped a whole period of time, was due, among other things,
to yours To lead back shipbuilding. Their unique dragon boats were so perfect thought out
that not only were they extremely fast, but also by their looks still aroused fear in your enemies.

With these ships, which were also suitable for the high seas, they were able to travel far away
via new sea routes travel to foreign countries. Since their arrival was mostly associated with
violence and looting, the seafarers spread fear and terror all over Europe, in parts of North
Africa, and even to America.

Our exceptionally designed tapestry impresses with its lively colors, its clear Lines and its clean
edges. It was made from high quality 100% polyester, which is soft, Environmentally friendly
and durable is manufactured. It creates a very positive and relaxed atmosphere in your house,
bedroom, study, or wherever you have chosen it hang up.

Impress your guests with this eye-catcher and create a good one The atmosphere. Thanks to
advanced HD printing, this wall hanging shows fashionable and long-lasting effects without a
fading. This wall cloth is very easy to use with decorative thumbtacks, Attach pins, thumbtacks
or ribbons to the chosen location.

Of course, this beautiful wall cloth can be hand washed or machine washed in the Delicate
cycle can be cleaned very easily. Please use a mild one Cold water detergent. Do not bleach
or iron.
34.10 USD