Rauhnacht, incense, pure tree resins,

Rauhnacht, incense, pure tree resins, winter scents

The time between the years was in the old popular belief as a special time. The days from Christmas to Epiphany were considered to have fallen out of time; as a time when the veils of this world open to the hereafter, our ancestors seek contact with us, ghosts roam about, and Wotan, with his entourage, is wreaking havoc. But it was also a time that was particularly suitable for mystical experiences. In ancient times, these days were deliberately celebrated - they held a lot of introspection, oraculared for the next year, remembered the ancestors and drove out the spirits. In recent times, many people want to experience this time again conscious. To support this, we have developed a Rauhnacht ritual set. It contains many utensils needed for this time and a detailed primer with many rituals for the 12 Rauhnächte.
Nature spirits

Nature spirits

Immerse yourself in the mystical atmosphere of the rough nights and open the veil between our
world and the other world. With our unique incense you can get in touch with
Tree devas, elves and gnomes ease you into mystical experiences in this
open at a special time.

The rough nights are an old tradition, which is popularly believed to be a time when the veil
between the worlds are thin. It is a time when this world and the hereafter
connect with each other and spiritual energies can be felt particularly intensively. Dated December 24th
through January 6th, from Christmas to Epiphany, these days are referred to as "out of time
fell out" considered, in which the nature spirits and ancestors seek contact with us
and ghosts up to mischief.

Our Naturgeister Rauhnacht incense helps you to be aware of this magical time celebrate and open yourself to mystical experiences. With their unique scent and
With its special composition of selected herbs, woods and resins, it invites
incorporate the energies of the nature spirits into your rituals and meditations. The carefully selected
Ingredients have been smoked using traditional methods to reveal their cleansing, protective
and to develop strengthening properties.

The tree devas, also known as tree spirits or tree creatures, are known in many cultures as
wise and spiritual beings worshiped. They are keepers of the trees and embody the wise and
deep energies of nature. With our Rauhnacht incense you can have a deeper contact
to the tree devas to integrate their wisdom and power into your life.

Elves are often known as playful and magical beings in folklore. They are often associated with
Natural phenomena such as forests, flowers and water are associated and considered to be
Guardian of nature. Our incense can help you connect with the elves
and to use their playful and magical energy in your rituals.

Gnomes, also known as earth spirits or goblins, are seen as guardians of the earth in many cultures
and revered nature. They are considered hardworking and wise creatures that live in the depths of the earth
and care for the balance in nature. With our incense you can use the energies
invite the gnomes into your rituals and benefit from their wisdom and earthiness.

Our Rauhnacht incense is carefully packaged in a 50ml jar to ensure purity and
To guarantee the quality of the ingredients. She was made with love and care according to traditional
Methods crafted to unleash their magical properties.

Content 50 ml glass. EUR 9.00 per 100m

5.31 USD
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Incense rough night

Incense Raunacht

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of nature spirits with our incense Raunacht
fumigation. Since ancient times, the time between Christmas and Epiphany has been
as something special, as a time when the veils between this world and
beyond are thin and mystical experiences are possible. Our incense is perfect
suitable to facilitate this contact to the other world and to drive away spirits.

The Rauhnacht incense consists of high-quality incense, which is known for its cleansing
and protective properties. Frankincense has been used in
for centuries used in different cultures for spiritual rituals and is considered to be one
of the most powerful Incenses. It is said that incense expels negative energies,
positive ones Attract energies and have a harmonizing effect on body, mind and soul
may have.

Our incense Raunacht incense is particularly suitable for the time between
the years when the borders between the worlds blur and the nature spirits
show their presence. She can help drive away spirits, contact tree devas,
Elves and gnomes to lighten and bring back the light. You can also
support, to keep introspection, to oracle for the coming year and the ancestors
to commemorate.

The incense comes in a handy 50ml jar and is easy to use.
Simply put a small amount of the incense on a charcoal or in an incense holder
give and enjoy the pleasant scent. The warm, resinous scent of incense creates
a relaxed and meditative atmosphere that can contribute to inner peace and clarity.

Our Raunacht incense is of the highest quality and is carefully sourced from natural
raw materials produced. With a price of only EUR 9.00 per 100 ml, it is an affordable
and yet a powerful companion for your Christmas rituals and mystical experiences.

Discover the magical world of nature spirits with our Raunacht incense
and experience the fascinating connection between this world and the afterlife.
Chase away ghosts, celebrate the rough night and open the veil to the other world
with our high-quality incense. Order today and let yourself be inspired by the
mystical power of incense enchant!

Contents 50 ml glass.
EUR 9.00 per 100ml

5.31 USD
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The rough nights are a mystical time of transition and opportunity for one
strong new start in the new year. Our powerful incense "Aufbruch" will help you
neutralizing negative influences and giving you new energy for a fresh start win.

In old folk belief, the days from Christmas to Epiphany were considered a special
Time when the veils between this world and the afterlife open and spirits
wander around In the past, these days were consciously celebrated to introspect, for
to oracle the coming year, to commemorate the ancestors and to drive away the spirits.
Nowadays, many people want to experience and use this time more consciously again.

Our shamanic incense "Awakening" is specially designed for the rough nights to
neutralize negative effects and release new energy. She helps you break away from
Get rid of the old and tackle new projects or existing projects with ease
easier to close. The powerful mixture of natural plant substances supports you
about to experience a new start into the new year and look forward to positive changes

The ingredients of our incense "Aufbruch" are carefully selected and include
a mixture of 50 ml glass. The incense mixture contains, among other things, elecampane, thyme,
Angelica and pine resin, known for their energetic properties and
positive effect on the new beginning and the introspection.

With our incense "Aufbruch" you can consciously use the rough nights to
to set the mood for a strong new start in the new year. Neutralize negative influences
and let new energy flow into your life. Order our powerful
now Incense "Departure" and start the new year with fresh energy!

Contents 50 ml glass.
EUR 9.00 per 100 m

5.31 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
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