Powerful smoking and fragrance

Pure tree resins, shamanic incenses

The history of smoking begins with mankind itself. In ancient times, the connection to nature was still very intense, which is why our ancestors found out very quickly what power and energy some plants release when smoking and how deep the smoke and scent of these incense substances are affects them. Scents still influence and direct us much more than we are consciously aware of. Fragrance is closely related to our consciousness and our emotional body. Some herbs have the power to pull us out of the depths of the soul, through which we can process and let go of emotional pain. Others stimulate our senses, our mood and our emotional life. With incense we can cleanse and protect our subtle bodies - even spirits of illness can be driven away. The plant kingdom is a heavenly gift that affects us humans like a small miracle when it is transformed by means of fire to smoke and thus also transforms us. Our Powerful Smoking Incense Mixtures consist of up to 12 different components. This variety combines the most powerful herbs and resins that are precisely tailored to the desired effect. Contents of the jar 60 ml

Lucid dreams

Lucid dreams

Lucid dreams are a fascinating phenomenon that occurs during sleep
consciously experiencing one's own dreams. But not everyone has this ability naturally.
With the Lucid Dreams sleep incense you can train this ability and

The lucid dreams sleep incense is a mixture of different plants that
specially selected for their calming and relaxing effects. The
The ingredients contained such as anise, laurel, nutmeg, sal and boldo have a
calming effect on the nervous system and promote a deep, restful

A deep sleep is important for our well-being and our health. If we don't
enough sleep, we feel tired and unfocused. The lucid dreams sleep incense
helps us to sleep better and deeper and thus rested and full of energy in the
to start day.

But the lucid dreams sleep incense can do even more. She can also save us from nightmares
preserve and help to better integrate our dream events into daily consciousness.
By consciously remembering and reflecting on our dreams, we can
Get to know yourself better and promote our personality development.

The lucid dreams sleep incense comes in a 60 milliliter jar.
Application is simple: just apply a small amount of the mixture
before bedtime Place on a glowing charcoal and breathe in the scent. The pleasant smell of the
Plant mixture helps to relax and switch off and accompanies us gently in the

Experience a deep and restful sleep with the lucid dreams sleep incense and
support your subconscious to get to know you better. Order the
now Lucid dreams sleep incense and enjoy the calming effect of the contained

Contents: Anise, laurel, nutmeg, sal, boldo and others
Content of the jar: 60 milliliters (€11.17 * / 100 milliliters)

7.91 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs

Expand consciousness

Welcome to our world of incense, where we offer you a blend that will
can help expand your awareness and give you a deeper perception.
Our Incense Blend "Expand Consciousness" was carefully selected from different
Herbs and botanicals compiled to help you clear your thoughts and
create a deeper connection to yourself.

The ingredients of this blend, such as diptam, catnip, mace and mullein,
have played an important role in incense science since ancient times. They were
used to induce visions, expand consciousness and induce deep trance
states to get. By using this incense blend you can revive these ancient practices
revive and establish a deeper connection to your inner wisdom.

Our 'Expanding Consciousness' Incense Blend is also an excellent choice for
People who want to do deep meditation or spiritual practices. She can
Help you expand your perception and connect more deeply to the higher
create levels of consciousness.

Our incense blend comes in a 60ml bottle, which is enough for several
fumigation is. We value the quality of our products and make sure that we
only use the best herbs and plants for our blends.

We encourage you to check out our 'Expanding Awareness' Incense blend in one
Use incense or on a charcoal tray for maximum effect
achieve. We are sure you will be amazed by the results and we look forward
looking forward to helping you on your spiritual journey. Order now and experience the
Power of incense!

Contents: diptam, catnip, nutmeg, mullein, etc.
Content of the jar: 60 milliliters (€11.17 * / 100 milliliters)

7.91 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Strong protection

Strong protection

Whether quarrels with our fellows, verbal or
energetic attacks - this incense surrounds us
a strong protection, so that these energies do not us
can meet more.
Some plants have the power of a protective wall around us
build. This way, foreign energies no longer have a chance
to invade our energy field.
7.91 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Lucky child

Lucky child

"lucky child" - Powerful incense for inner contentment and love

Sometimes you need a little push to discover the lucky child in you and in
dancing in harmony with the universe. Our incense "lucky child" became exactly
developed for this. With balsamic and uplifting scents, she draws serenity into our
Live and let mental injuries simply melt away.

The carefully selected mixture of tonka, calamus, hyssop, nutmeg, hibiscus and
other high-quality ingredients has a harmonizing effect on body, mind and soul. This
Incense helps us to strengthen our inner contentment and love within
to enhance our lives.

Tonka, known for its warm, sweet and balsamic scents, has a calming and
effect relaxing on our senses. Sweet flag, also known as "root of happiness" known, promotes the
mental well-being and helps us to release inner blockages. Hyssop is often used for its
cleansing and protective effect and supports us in using negative energies
to fend off Nutmeg is known for its aphrodisiac properties and promotes
love and trust. Hibiscus brings a floral and happy note to the mix
and supports us in achieving a heart-open mood.

The incense "Glückskind" is easy to use. Just a small amount on
put it on a charcoal tablet or in an incense burner and enjoy the wonderful scent.
Immerse yourself in the world of incense and let yourself be inspired by the harmonizing and
be enchanted by invigorating scents.

The jar contains 60 milliliters of this powerful incense at a price of
€11.17 per 100 milliliters. Order now and discover the lucky child in you!

Contents: tonka, calamus, hyssop, nutmeg, hibiscus, etc.
Content of the jar: 60 milliliters (€11.17 * / 100 milliliters)

7.91 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Visions, prophecy, shamanic incense


Be inspired by the prophetic power of incense! Our incense
"Prophecy" strengthens your connection to higher worlds and helps you find answers to your
to receive questions. Ideal for card reading, commuting and more. The unique blend of
Bay leaves, elderberry, mace, myrrh, mastic and other botanicals have been
has always been used to increase perception, to obtain visions and the
to expand awareness. Immerse yourself in a world of spiritual insights and
discover the magic of incense with our powerful "Prophecy" incense.

With our "Prophecy" incense you can take your spiritual practices to a new
level bring levels. The selected plant substances are known for their visionary effect and
have long been used by shamans and spirituals to reach into higher dimensions
dive in and receive insights from the universe. Add bay leaves
the mixture an energizing note and promote intuition. Elderberry is known for
its protective and cleansing effect, while nutmeg and myrrh do
Opening consciousness and enabling a deeper connection to the spiritual levels.
Mastic gives the incense a grounding effect and aids in clearing
thoughts and emotions.

Our "Prophecy" incense is ideal for rituals of card reading, commuting
or other divinatory practices. It helps to sharpen the senses that
To expand consciousness and strengthen the connection to higher worlds. The
Incense can also be used in meditations or simply to create a spiritual
atmosphere can be used.

The glass contains 60 milliliters of our high-quality incense mixture, which is carefully
natural ingredients was selected. Each ingredient has been tested for quality and
Suitability for spiritual practices tested. The incense comes in an attractive
Supplied glass and is easy to use. Squeeze a small amount into a
Smoked charcoal or in an incense burner and let yourself be carried away by the balsamic
and visionary fragrances enchant.

Discover the prophetic power of incense with our unique
"Prophecy" incense. Be inspired by higher worlds, answers to
Receiving your questions and deepening your spiritual practice. Immerse yourself in a
World of visions and spiritual insights and experience the magic of incense in
a new dimension. Order our "Prophetie" incense glass now and
enrich your spiritual practices with this powerful blend of bay leaves,
Elderberry, mace, myrrh, mastic and other botanicals.

Contents: bay leaves, elderberry, nutmeg, myrrh, mastic, etc.
Content of the jar: 60 milliliters (€11.17 * / 100 milliliters)

7.91 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs


Self-confidence is an important key to a fulfilling and successful life. Our
powerful incense "confidence" supports you in raising your self-confidence
strengthen and trust in your inner strength. With a carefully selected blend of
Plant substances such as elecampane, thyme, angelica and pine resin unfold in this incense
positive traits and will help you feel confident and confident in the world
to claim.

The power of plants has always been used to help people live. Our incense
"Confidence" offers you a natural support to increase your self-confidence
and to feel confident in different life situations. Whether at work or in private
Environment or in personal challenges - this incense can help you
Recognizing your own strengths and boosting your self-confidence.

The carefully selected ingredients such as elecampane, thyme, angelica and pine resin
unfold their beneficial properties when smoking and help you to find your inner
Activate power and build self-confidence. Elecampane is known for its strengthening and
protective effect, while thyme promotes mental strength. Angelica is often used for its
positive properties in dealing with stress and anxiety and pine resin has a
purifying effect on body and mind.

Applying the incense "Confidence" is simple. Give a small amount
of the mixture onto a heatproof surface, light and let the smoke
rise slowly. Breathe in and out deeply while letting in the soothing scents
have an effect. You can use this incense in different situations if you use more
Need self-confidence, inner strength and self-confidence. Whether before important meetings,
Exams or personal challenges - this incense can help you
to feel confident and empowered.

Order our incense "Confidence" with 60 milliliters packed in a
practical little glasses. The price per 100 milliliters is 11.17 euros. Convince yourself of
the powerful effect of this incense and feel how your self-confidence grows and
unleash your inner strength. Order now and let yourself be carried away by the magical power
support the plants!

Contents: Elecampane, thyme, angelica, pine resin, etc.
Content of the jar: 60 milliliters (€11.17 * / 100 milliliters)

7.91 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Clean pineal gland

Pineal Gland Cleansing

Welcome to our shamanic incense to cleanse the pineal gland! We are proud
ready to bring you a unique and powerful blend of pure and natural ingredients
to offer to support your mental clarity and spiritual connection.

Our incense contains a special blend of Turmeric, Orange, Mastic, Sandalwood,
Cornflower and other valuable ingredients that have been used by shamans for centuries
used around the world to cleanse and stimulate the pineal gland.

The pineal gland, also known as the "third eye", is a small organ in the brain responsible for
our mental and spiritual well-being is vital. A
Clogged or blocked pineal gland can lead to a lack of clarity, focus and intuition
while a cleansed and stimulated pineal gland can help you achieve your full
unleash mental and spiritual power.

Our incense contains turmeric, a powerful anti-inflammatory compound known for
Its antioxidant properties are known and can help to stimulate the
pineal gland to cleanse harmful toxins and free radicals. Orange is rich in vitamin C and can
help to strengthen the immune system and support the pineal gland, while mastic
has a strong antiseptic effect and can help to relieve
the pineal gland to clean harmful bacteria and viruses.

Known for its calming and relaxing properties, sandalwood can
help calm the mind and reduce stress, while cornflower helps
can increase the energy of the third eye and improve perception.

Supplied in a handy 60ml jar, our incense is easy
to use. You can smoke the mixture on a charcoal or in an incense burner
Light and enjoy the scent while you focus on your mental and spiritual cleansing

We are proud to offer you a high quality and authentic shamanic incense
to be able to offer you, specially developed for cleaning and stimulating the pineal gland
became. We believe that each of us has the ability to use our mental and spiritual powers
to unfold and we hope that our incense can help you reach your full power
and unleash your full potential.

Order our shamanic incense for cleaning the pineal gland and
today let us help you support your mental and spiritual journey. Thank
Thanks for your interest in our products!

Contents: turmeric, orange, mastic, sandalwood, cornflower, etc.
Content of the jar:
60 milliliters (11.17 euros * / 100 milliliters)

7.91 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Anti depression


Depression can make life difficult and keep us in a negative circle of thoughts
hold captive. But there is hope and help in the form of natural incense blends,
that can support us on our mental health journey. Such
Incense Blend is "Anti Depression Powerful Smoking" - a true ray of hope in
hard times.

The power of this incense blend lies in the selected plants and herbs that
have been carefully combined in order to unfold their positive properties and help us to
to help cope with depression. One of the main ingredients of this mix is
Dammar, a resinous substance long recognized for its mood-elevating properties
is known. Dammar is often used to break negative thought cycles
and to help us think more clearly and breathe more deeply. It can also
us help to open us up to the beautiful things in life and to give us new impetus.

Another important ingredient in this incense blend is the mullein, too
known as the "candle of life". This plant is often used to bring us emotional
To support healing and life support. She can help us get back with our
connecting inner strength, letting go of negative emotions and encouraging us to
to look ahead and find hope again.

Rosemary, a well-known herb from the Mediterranean kitchen, is also in this
Incense blend included. Rosemary is often used for its stimulating and invigorating
effects Properties protected. It can help us regain our energy and focus increase and help us emerge from the lethargy of depression.

Hibiscus and orange are other ingredients that give this incense blend its special
give grade. Hibiscus is often used to balance our emotions and ourselves
to help us better understand and accept our feelings. Orange is often
associated with joy, optimism and creativity and can help us
Attract positive energies into our lives and lift our spirits.

The incense blend "Anti Depression Powerful Smoking" comes in a handy
Supplied in a jar containing 60 milliliters. The pleasant scent of this mixture is created by
smoking dammar, mullein, rosemary, hibiscus, orange and others
released on selected plants. Each jar contains high-quality ingredients that
have been carefully selected to achieve their maximum effect.

Using this incense blend is simple and straightforward. Just a
Light a small amount of the mixture on a charcoal or incense sieve
and enjoy the scent. It is important to choose a well-ventilated room and
to take precautions.

Contents: dammar, mullein, rosemary, hibiscus, orange, etc.
Content of the jar: 60 milliliters (€11.17 * / 100 milliliters)

7.91 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Aura cleaning

Aura purification

This unique blend of exquisite herbs and resins has been carefully
selected to help you in cleansing your subtle body from strangers
attachments and mind pollution. With this incense blend
you can deal with negative floods of thoughts, disharmony, disease spirits and low
Successfully dissolve beings to feel more energy and drive.

The subtle body, also known as the aura, is an invisible covering of energy that
surrounds the physical body. In today's world we are often of different species
exposed to energy and information that can strain our aura. This
can cause a feeling of heaviness, fatigue, and even emotional exhaustion physical ailments. Aura cleansing with incense is an old tradition,
which aims to remove these alien energies and clear our aura.

Our aura cleansing incense blend contains a carefully selected combination
of herbs and resins known for their purifying and protective properties
t are Tulsi, also known as holy basil, is a powerful herb native to Indian
Ayurvedic medicine is used for its purifying properties. It helps negative
Dispel energies and clear the aura. Turmeric is known for its
Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and can help balance the aura of
to get rid of harmful influences. Violet root is often used to enhance the aura strengthen and protect against negative energies. Licorice has cleansing properties and
can help clear the aura. Myrrh is known for its protective properties and
can help to free the aura from foreign energies.

Our incense blend comes in a handy 60ml glass bottle that is easy to
is to handle. To perform the aura cleansing, ignite a
charcoal tablet and place in a fireproof dish. Then give a small
Amount of incense mixture on the glowing charcoal and let the smoke into the aura
rising up. You can wrap the smoke around your body with a feather or incense fan.
move around to thoroughly cleanse the aura. Breathe in and out consciously
and imagine all negative energies falling away from you and going up in smoke.
After the cleanse, you can feel lighter and more energized, ready to get on your way
to walk more clearly and independently.

Contents: Tulsi, turmeric, violet root, liquorice, myrrh, etc.
Content of the jar: 60 milliliters (€11.17 * / 100 milliliters)

7.91 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs


Grounding is an important aspect of our spiritual development and well-being.
It helps us to stand firmly in life, to be present in the here and now and to reach higher spheres
to reach. Amplify your grounding practice with the Powerful Grounding Incense Blend
and benefit from the transformative powers of select incense to discover deeper
To achieve relaxation and inner balance.

Our Grounding Incense Blend contains carefully selected incenses of the highest
Quality, including dragon's blood, labdanum, angelica root, myrrh and other valuable
Ingredients. Each batch is tested for purity and potency to bring you a product of
to guarantee the best quality.

The incense blend comes in a reusable 60ml glass bottle which
provides enough quantity for several incenses. The glass bottle protects the
incense blend away from moisture and sunlight to preserve
its freshness and potency receive.

Applying the Grounding Incense Blend is easy and can be incorporated into your daily spiritual
be integrated into practice. By smoking you can experience deep relaxation,
while your mind comes to rest and you find your center again. The transforming
The power of incense can help you feel grounded, centered and balanced
as you continue your spiritual journey.

Grounding is especially important in times of stress, hectic, and emotional turmoil. She helps
us to root ourselves, to center ourselves and to get in touch with our inner selves.
With our Grounding Incense Blend, you can deepen your grounding practice and create a
Achieve a state of inner stability and balance, even in the midst of
challenges of modern life.

The incense blend is also ideal for relaxation and
meditation practices. By smoking you can create a calming atmosphere
and guide your senses to a deeper level of relaxation. The transforming
Properties of incense can help you get into a meditative state
dive in and deepen your spiritual practice.

Our Grounding Incense Blend is for anyone looking for more grounding, relaxation
and seeks spiritual development. Whether you already have smoking experience or are new
In this practice, our incense blend offers you a powerful way to infuse your
Support grounding practices and draw from the transformative powers of incense

Contents: dragon's blood, labdanum, angelica root, myrrh, etc.
Content of the jar: 60 milliliters (11.17 euros * / 100 milliliters)

7.91 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
House cleaning

House cleaning

Clears stuck energies in rooms. These arise e.g. through a lot of arguments,
Illnesses or strokes of fate. Ideal after moving to new
Spaces to cleanse the energies of previous owners.
An energetic restart!


Whether negative flood of thoughts, disharmony, spirits of illness or low
Beings - these foreign energies may not always be directly for us
being visible.

However, they are there and can affect us. With incense
can they be dissolved successfully so that we can be free again and
to be able to go our own way in a self-determined manner.

7.91 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
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