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The selection of these incenses is based on the 30-year research of the ethnopharmacologist and author. Christian Rätsch with the shamans of the world.

In the worlds of shamanism, smoking has traditionally had a slightly different meaning than we Westerners are used to. The shaman does not use incense to aromatize space and beautify the home atmosphere, but to change his state of consciousness with the intention to travel in the subtle worlds and to mediate between the worlds. This has for him the ritual purpose of driving away disease demons and to compensate for conditions of the person seeking help and to heal. In a state of trance, the shaman speaks in a very clear language to the person seeking help and unambiguously reveals to him what; is.
Maha Dhoop

Maha Dhoop

Maha Dhoop is a shamanic incense specifically designed to relieve fears of
to lessen the feminine and to create an inner connection to one's own inner goddess
. With its beguiling fragrance and high-quality ingredients, Maha Dhoop is a
special incense given as thanksgiving to the Great Goddess and other goddesses
is worshiped.

The use of Maha Dhoop is an ancient practice descended from the Vajra Yoginis,
the Kumati and the Maha Kali - goddesses of special importance in Hinduism
and Buddhism. These goddesses are often seen as symbols of transformation, wisdom and
Power is worshiped, and the smoke of Maha Dhoop is used to show them gratitude and
to show respect.

The ingredients of Maha Dhoop are carefully selected and include Sal, Kumkum,
Zanthoxilum and high mountain herbs. These natural ingredients give the incense
a unique fragrance and a powerful energetic effect. Maha Dhoop becomes traditional
smoked on charcoal and screen to release the smoke and the rooms with its
to fill transforming energy.

Using Maha Dhoop can help reduce fears of the feminine
and create a deeper connection to your inner goddess. The beguiling scent and the
powerful effects of Maha Dhoop can help clear negative energies that are within
Restore balance and create a healing atmosphere.

The 60ml jar from Maha Dhoop is ideal for incense lovers and spiritual seekers looking for
are looking for a powerful and authentic incense. Each glass is carefully wrapped and
Contains high quality Maha Dhoop incense made by experienced incense blenders

Discover the transformative power of Maha Dhoop and experience the worship of the
Great Goddess and other goddesses with this unique shamanic incense. Leave
You will be enchanted by its bewitching fragrance and immerse yourself in the world of spiritual
rituals and practices. Order Maha Dhoop today and enrich your life with
this powerful devotional incense.

Content: 60 ml glass.
EUR 9.33 per 100ml

6.61 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Yoni Dhoop

Yoni Dhoop

Supports the worship of the female as a creative life force and strengthens the female self-esteem ("tantric yin -), so that the woman finds her right in her role as a woman. Promotes the reference to the inner goddess. Incense for fertility and tantric rituals related to the worship of the woman (yoni / vulva as a living image of the goddess).

Ingredients: white sandalwood, juniper wood, cedar, high-mountain herbs and others.

         Supports the worship of the feminine as a creative life force
         Strengthens the female self-confidence, so that the woman finds her right in her role as a woman
         Promotes the reference to the inner goddess
         Incense for fertility and tantric rituals relating to the worship of women
         For smoking on charcoal and sieve
6.61 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Lingam Dhoop

Lingam Dhoop

With its aphrodisiac properties and the strengthening of the male
This unique
enables self-confidence, also known as "tantric yang" Frankincense a reconnection to a healthy mother/goddess relationship. But not only for
This fragrance is important for men, but also for women who want to raise their consciousness
Want to expand beyond the power of man and let him find his strength.

The high quality ingredients of the Lingam Dhoop include Devadaru, Camphor,
Sunpati and other selected high mountain herbs, which in combination create a unique
result in a fragrance mixture. These exquisite ingredients are known for their supporting
Properties related to male sensuality and fertility as well
promoting a strong and confident demeanor.

The Lingam Dhoop is traditionally smoked on charcoal or a sieve to release the
scent released and unfold its effect. With a content of 60 ml in a
Glass container, this shamanic fragrance is practical and easy to use.

The Lingam Dhoop also has a special meaning for women who are searching
are after an expanded perspective on the power of man. By strengthening the
male self-confidence and the promotion of a healthy mother/goddess relationship
women can expand their consciousness and enable their partner to develop his/her strength unfold.

Immerse yourself in the world of the Lingam Dhoop and discover the powerful effect
this shamanic scent. Whether for men who appreciate their sensuality and fertility
or for women who want a conscious connection to male energy
- the Lingam Dhoop is a valuable addition to your smoking practice.

Order the Lingam Dhoop today and enjoy the unique fragrance and
the supporting properties of this shamanic incense. Let yourself
be inspired by its powerful effect and experience a new dimension of
male sensuality and self-confidence. Content: 60 ml glass.
Price: EUR 9.33 per 100 ml.

Discover the Lingam Dhoop and be amazed by its unique
Enchant effect!

Content: 60 ml glass.
EUR 9.33 per 100ml

6.61 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Deva Dhoop

Deva Dhoop

Dive into the world of shamanic incense with the Deva Dhoop - one
an old and natural incense mixture, the scent of which appears in the oldest springs.
This unique blend reconnects you with nature and purifies
mental confusion, nervousness and overwork.

The Deva Dhoop is known for its intense fragrance known as the "Scent of the Gods" referred to
becomes. The mixture contains carefully selected ingredients such as pinewood, tamala
Cinnamon, spices and high mountain herbs harmoniously combined to
create a unique scent. The unfolds when smoking on charcoal or a sieve Deva Dhoop its intense fragrance and creates a pleasant atmosphere that is Invites you to relax and let go.

A special quality of the Deva Dhoop is its clearing effect on the mind.
If you are mentally confused, nervous or overworked, this incense can help
help calm the mind and bring clarity. The scent of the gods imparts
a sense of calm, balance and harmony, and helps to get back in tune
to get in touch with nature and yourself.

The Deva Dhoop is also ideal for rituals and ceremonies to bring about a spiritual
Creating an atmosphere and concentrating on the essentials. This old
Incense blend is often used by shamans and spiritual practitioners to
strengthen their connection to nature and to the higher realms.

With its unique fragrance and its clarifying effect, the Deva Dhoop is a
valuable addition to any smoking routine or spiritual practice. The high quality 60 ml
Glass bottle allows for easy application and long-lasting enjoyment. The Deva
Dhoop also makes a wonderful gift idea for friends and family who are interested in
shamanic incense and natural products.

Experience the powerful effect of the Deva Dhoop and let yourself be carried away by its scent
of the gods enchant. The near-natural incense mixture was carefully put together,
to create a unique and intense fragrance that takes you to a world of senses

The ingredients of the Deva Dhoop, including pinewood, tamala cinnamon, spices and
High mountain herbs come from nature and are obtained sustainably. The
The incense blend comes in a high-quality 60 ml glass bottle and offers a
easy and convenient smoking experience.

Ingredients: Pinewood, Tamala cinnamon, spices, high mountain herbs, etc.
Content: 60 ml /> EUR 9.33 per 100ml

6.61 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
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