Thors Warhammer Mjölnir

Medieval jewelry Thor hammer

Mjölnir was also the symbol of Thor and was worn around the neck as an amulet. Iron thorn hammers on iron chokers were found in the cremation graves of the 9th and 10th centuries, mainly in the Svea, central Sweden, Åland and Russia. About 50 silver thorn hammers are known from treasure, grave or settlement finds. They focus on southern and central Scandinavia and Iceland. They can be dated to the 10th and Gotland to the end of the century.

Some finds come from Poland and England, some of which are made of amber. There are many different forms of hammer amulets, eg. B. the shear hammer. From the transition period between pagan and Christian faith in Scandinavia, amulets were found that could possibly represent a reaction to the Christian cross. In fact, the majority of the findings have been found in graves of female persons and may be more related to fertility rites and marriages. Another similar usage is that of the Thorhammer on some rune stones in Denmark and Sweden during the transitional period.

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