Pendant "Cross Toretto"
Pendant "Cross Toretto"
Preview: Pendant "Cross Toretto"
Preview: Pendant "Cross Toretto"
"Cross Toretto" Pendant
Mobile Preview: Pendant "Cross Toretto"
Mobile Preview: Pendant "Cross Toretto"

"Cross Toretto" Pendant

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Amulet Thorhammer with ravens

Thor Hammer with ravens

The most well-known symbol of Norse mythology is undoubtedly Thor's magical weapon, the Mjölnir. The Warhammer is able to summon thunder and lightning and always returns to its owner.

Because of this quality, the thunder god, which is why he is also called Donar, is able to
his duty to protect Asgard and Midgard.
Many stories and legends are entwined around this magical weapon, as well as its importance, which lies in protecting its wielder and enhancing its virtues.

It is also considered a symbol of fertility, which is why it was mainly worn by women in the past and why it is often placed symbolically in their laps on the day of marriage; was laid. In medieval representations, the Mjölnir is almost a "must have".
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