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Diverse jewelry: wood, horn, bone, gemstone, leather and alloys

The richness and variety of materials such as wood, horn, bone, precious stones, leather and various alloys open up endless possibilities for jewelry designs that can be both traditional and modern.

Wooden jewellery: natural elegance

Wooden jewelry embodies natural beauty and simplicity. The wood's unique grains and colors offer a warm, earthy aesthetic. From hand-carved pendants to ornate earrings, wood is both versatile and eco-friendly.

Horn and bone: originality and ethnic chic

Horn and bone jewelry is a testament to ancient craftsmanship and can often be found in ethnic or boho fashions. Often recycled, these materials offer a rustic yet sophisticated touch.

Gemstone Jewellery: Colorfulness and Spiritual Significance

The dazzling colors and play of light in gemstones offer a splendor that is hard to beat. In addition, many gemstones are attributed a special symbolic or healing meaning, which makes them popular pieces of jewelry for spiritually interested people.

Leather Jewelry: Rustic Modernity

Leather is a strong and adaptable material that is used in many different forms of jewellery. From braided bracelets to intricately designed chokers, leather adds a rustic yet modern touch to any outfit.

Alloy Jewelry: Versatility and Durability

Alloys such as stainless steel or zinc alloys offer an inexpensive yet stylish option for jewelry. They are often hypoallergenic and resistant to wear and tear and camouflage, making them a lasting choice.


Whether you seek the natural elegance of wood and horn, the spiritual resonance of gemstones, the rustic modernity of leather, or the durable versatility of alloys, there is jewelry in a variety of materials to suit every taste and occasion . Discover the world of these diverse materials and find pieces of jewelry that perfectly underline your personality and your style.

Wolf's Yin Yang

Wolf's Yin Yang

Here you will find the perfect piece of jewelery to express your connection with nature and the
show Norse mythology. Our stainless steel pendant Wolfs Yin Yang in a rune circle is a unique
piece of jewelry that balances the forces of life

Originally from Chinese philosophy, the Yin Yang symbol is a Symbol for the balance between
The wolf motif is an important part of the Norse mythology and stands for strength,
courage and ferocity.
In this jewel the wolf motif is combined with the yin yang symbol in the
rune circle to create a unique
Symbol of creating balance and strength.

Made from high quality stainless steel, this pendant is durable and strong. It's perfect suitable
for everyday use and will surely become a faithful companion for all adventurers,
Fighters and
fans of Norse mythology.

The runic circle around the symbol gives the pendant another meaning. The runes were a script
of the ancient Germanic tribes, known for their use in magical rituals and as
symbols of Norse
mythology were known.
The rune circle in this jewel is a symbol of the cycle of life and nature,
and symbolizes the constant
Change and transformation in our lives.

The stainless steel pendant Wolfs Yin Yang in the rune circle is not only a great piece of jewelry
Fans of Norse mythology, but also a symbol of balance and strength that is worn can be
used to support us in difficult times and to protect us from negative influences
protection. Order
now and add this unique pendant to yours
jewelry collection added. Feel free to contact us if you
have any questions.

Mateial : stainless steel
Size : 28 x30mm
from 18.76 USD
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