Ascended Masters Isis

Ascended Masters Isis

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Ritual shamanic incense


For practitioners among incense users
Refined with myrrh, benzoin, sandalwood and lavender flowers
For smoking on charcoal and sieve
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Copal Kongo Pure resins

Copal Kongo

Copal served the Indians as an incense that accompanied initiation or enabled them to divorce. The scent of this copal is fine, soft and warm.He stimulates imagination and intuition and can support the creativity in performing music. Copal Congo is a fragrance that helps to grow from child to man and is therefore often used in initiation rites
Content: 60 ml glass.
9,33 EUR per 100ml
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Gummi Arabicum Pure resins

Gummi Arabicum

Gum arabic comes from various types of acacia and was very popular even in ancient times. In many herbals there were references to its numerous possible uses. In the smokehouse culture it is mainly used as a binding agent for other resins and essential oils, as its odor is mild and rather unobtrusive. The same property makes it suitable for reducing sharp and violent smoke substances and mixtures. Gum arabic is mostly used to soften other strong smokes in order to create a harmonious overall note
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Seraphis Bey Ascended Masters

Seraphis Bey

Seraphis Bey is the master of the white ray of purity. He gives you the energy to work lovingly on your weaknesses and helps you to resolve them - so that you can go on in purity and ease.

Ascended Masters
Ascended Masters have mastered their way. Like all of us, you were confronted with the challenges of life here on earth. They have passed through them and brought their innermost being to perfection. Now they walk in the kingdom of light, but are forever connected to us earth beings. They stand by our side, they guide and protect us, they let us feel their love and work to elevate all of humanity. Each master has his own energy; its own sound and of course its own fragrance.
The selected plants and flowers of these incense represent the scent of the respective master. Whether gentle and loving, or straightforward and clear ... Let us connect with the master of our choice and smoke his scent in his honor or to call on him, and he will affect us in our life with his energy.
A shamanic incense that brings you purity and energy to work on your weaknesses and to dissolve them

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Rough night ritual set Shamanic incense

Rough night ritual set

Rough night ritual set

The time between the years was considered in the old popular belief as a special time. The days from Christmas to Epiphany were considered to have "fallen out of time" as a time when the veils of this world open to the hereafter, our ancestors seek contact with us, ghosts swirl around and Wotan drives with his entourage mischief. But it was also a time that was particularly suitable for mystical experiences. In ancient times, these days were deliberately celebrated - one kept a lot of introspection, oracle for the next year, remembered the ancestors and drove out the spirits. In recent times, many people want to experience this time again conscious. To support this, we have developed a rough night ritual set. It contains many utensils needed for this time and a detailed primer with many rituals for the 12 Rauhnächte.

Contents Rough night set:

    Rough night primer with 40 pages
    A handmade juniper candle made of palm wax with juniper tips
    A glass of copper globules as a gift for Wotan's entourage
    A chalk for protective circles
    A rock crystal for a nature spirits ritual
    A glass of smoking mixture "Rauhnacht"
    A glass of smoking mixture "Aufbruch"
    A glass of smoking mixture "Naturgeister"
    A glass of incense "incense"
    A censer made of clay
    A bag of sand
    A roll of coal
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