Incense assortments, incense mix, incense

Incense assortments, incense mix, incense, pure tree resins

For big and small testers
In order to get to know as many of our resins and incense as possible, we have developed these numerous assortments. In sweet little metal boxes with transparent lid in pretty purple metal box, your customers (or yourself) can now for a reasonable price, for example, the complete angel smoke mixtures, the incense of shamans, incas or for Kuan Yin try.
In addition, we have special assortments for protection, cleaning and especially; loving; Moments put together. Have fun while getting to know each other!

Love, Happiness, Incense,

Love and happiness smoking assortment

Love and happiness incense range - Immerse yourself in the world of love and joie de vivre

The 'Love and Happiness' The incense range is a collection of lovingly selected
Incense blends that aim to open our hearts, to
joie de vivre and to strengthen basic trust. With sensual fragrances and high-quality ingredients
these incenses invite you on a journey into the world of love and happiness to body,
to pamper the mind and soul.

The range includes a carefully curated blend of patchouli leaves,
Rose Petals, Damiana Leaves, Jasmine Petals, Lemon Balm, Labdanum, Myrtle Leaves,
Myrrh, tonka beans, violet blossoms, benzoin sumatra and styrax. Every ingredient has been
chosen for its special properties to create a unique and harmonious
to create a smoking experience.

The incense blends from the "Love and Happiness" The range of incense can be divided into
species are used. They can be smoked on charcoal or an incense burner to
to release the delicate scent and healing properties. You can also in
Incense or incense can be used to add a pleasant scent to your
Spread at home and create a relaxed atmosphere.

The incense blends are not only suitable for romantic purposes, but also as
Balm for the soul and to strengthen basic trust. The fragrances invite you to be yourself and
to be loving towards others, to open the heart and bring positive energies into life
pull. They can be used in meditations, rituals or simply as a feel-good scent in everyday life
to promote a harmonious and positive mood.

The high-quality ingredients in the incense blends are known for their positive
effects Characteristics. Often associated with love and sensuality, patchouli can
strengthen basic trust. Rose blossoms stand for love, beauty and joy and can do it
open heart. Jasmine flowers are known for their aphrodisiac properties and can
create a romantic mood. Myrrh is often used to purify and purify and
d can help expel negative energies. Tonka beans are often associated with luck and
Associated with security and can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

The 'Love and Happiness' This range of incense is ideal for anyone looking for more love, joy
and long for happiness in their lives. Whether for romantic moments for two, as a balm for the soul
or as a gift for a loved one - these incense blends invite you to
to be touched by the pure power of love and to feel happiness in everyday life.

Total net weight approx. 20 g

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