Incense assortments, incense mix, incense

Incense assortments, incense mix, incense, pure tree resins

For big and small testers
In order to get to know as many of our resins and incense as possible, we have developed these numerous assortments. In sweet little metal boxes with transparent lid in pretty purple metal box, your customers (or yourself) can now for a reasonable price, for example, the complete angel smoke mixtures, the incense of shamans, incas or for Kuan Yin try.
In addition, we have special assortments for protection, cleaning and especially; loving; Moments put together. Have fun while getting to know each other!

Love and happiness smoking assortment shamanic incense

Love and happiness smoking assortment

Love and happiness
Love incense that opens our hearts and gives joy of life. For sensual moments, as soul balm, for the strengthening of the original trust ... An invitation to the pure power of love.


     rose petals
     jasmine flowers
     lemon balm
     tonka beans
     Benzoin Sumatra
19.94 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
Rough night ritual set Shamanic incense

Rough night ritual set

Rough night ritual set

The time between the years was considered in the old popular belief as a special time. The days from Christmas to Epiphany were considered to have "fallen out of time" as a time when the veils of this world open to the hereafter, our ancestors seek contact with us, ghosts swirl around and Wotan drives with his entourage mischief. But it was also a time that was particularly suitable for mystical experiences. In ancient times, these days were deliberately celebrated - one kept a lot of introspection, oracle for the next year, remembered the ancestors and drove out the spirits. In recent times, many people want to experience this time again conscious. To support this, we have developed a rough night ritual set. It contains many utensils needed for this time and a detailed primer with many rituals for the 12 Rauhnächte.

Contents Rough night set:

    Rough night primer with 40 pages
    A handmade juniper candle made of palm wax with juniper tips
    A glass of copper globules as a gift for Wotan's entourage
    A chalk for protective circles
    A rock crystal for a nature spirits ritual
    A glass of smoking mixture "Rauhnacht"
    A glass of smoking mixture "Aufbruch"
    A glass of smoking mixture "Naturgeister"
    A glass of incense "incense"
    A censer made of clay
    A bag of sand
    A roll of coal
38.82 USD
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
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