Drinking horns from the medieval

Drinking horns and stands: A journey into the past

Drinking horns are more than just containers for drinks; they are a symbol of history, culture and traditional craftsmanship. These horns, made from the horns of animals, were used centuries ago as ritual objects and objects of prestige. Join us on a journey through the history, meaning and modern use of drinking horns and their associated stands.

Historical background

The history of drinking horns dates back to the Bronze Age and is rooted in many cultures around the world. They were common among the ancient Greeks and Romans, the Scandinavians during the Viking Age and many other peoples. They served not only as drinking vessels but also as status symbols and were often richly decorated to show the wealth and position of the owner.

There are many stories and legends surrounding the drinking horn. In the Nordic context, perhaps the best-known drinking horn is that of Odin, the chief god of the Germanic pantheon, who drank from the Well of Mímir to gain wisdom.

Arts and crafts

The art of drinking horn making is complex and requires both skill and a deep understanding of the material. Each horn must be cleaned, shaped and polished before being used as a drinking vessel. can serve. Some are simple, while others are decorated with gold, silver and precious stones or have ornate engravings. These engravings can tell stories, depict battles, or simply serve aesthetic purposes.

The stand: A necessary companion

Every good drinking horn has a stand. Since the horns do not have a flat base, you will need a stand to keep them upright when not in use or between drinking sessions. These stands can be as elaborate as the horns themselves and are often made from wood, metal or even bone. A good stand should be stable and hold the horn securely, but also match the aesthetics of the horn.

Modern use

Even today, drinking horns still have a loyal following. They are often seen at historical reenactments, LARP events or medieval markets. They are also experiencing a revival in today's pop culture, fueled by films, series and books that revolve around Vikings and similar cultures.

In addition to their historical and cultural value, drinking horns are also practical. The horn's natural insulation keeps drinks colder for longer, and the unique shape of each horn makes it truly one-of-a-kind.

Care and preservation

Like any handmade work of art, drinking horns require care. It is important to clean them after each use and polish them from time to time to maintain their beauty and functionality. With proper care, a drinking horn can last a lifetime and be passed down from generation to generation.


Drinking horns and stands are more than just simple drinking vessels. They bear witness to a rich history that dates back thousands of years and represent the craftsmanship and culture of many peoples. Whether as a functional item, a decorative work of art or a connection to our ancestors - Drinking horns have an established place in human history.

Drinking horn

Drinking Horn "Unicorn" painted large

The drinking horn unicorn is a real eye-catcher. It has been carefully painted and polished to
to get a smooth and shiny surface. The horn is between 38 and 45 cm long
and therefore an imposing piece that combines elegance and style.

A special feature of the unicorn drinking horn is the use of food-safe
Beeswax embedded in the horn. This not only ensures an additional
protective layer, but also gives the horn a pleasant scent and a warm,
natural color.

The history of the drinking horn goes back a long way and has many meanings. Already
drinking horns were used as drinking vessels thousands of years ago. One of the oldest
Illustrations of a drinking horn is the Venus of Laussel, a limestone figure from France,
which was made about 25,000 years ago. Drinking horns were a part of the
in many cultures spread all over the world and were used in various rituals and festivals.

However, drinking horns are particularly well-known from Nordic mythology, as seen in the
Old Norse sagas have been handed down. Drinking horns play an important role here and
are often used as symbols of hospitality, community and togetherness
considered. They were also an important part of feasts and drinking sessions
the Vikings, who were known as brave warriors and seafarers.

The drinking horn unicorn pays homage to this rich cultural tradition and mythology
. It is not only an artistic work of art, but also a practical drinking vessel that you
for special occasions or just for a cozy get-together with friends
and family can use.

The use of food-safe beeswax to protect and refine the
Trinkhorn's unicorn is another notable feature. Beeswax is a natural
Raw material and has always been used for various purposes, including in
food processing. It forms a protective barrier that protects the horn from moisture
and other environmental influences, while at the same time providing a smooth and appealing

The unicorn drinking horn has been carefully painted and polished to make it a real
jewel. Every detail has been designed with a great love of craftsmanship to create a
to create a unique and aesthetically pleasing product.

The horn is between 38 and 45 cm long

47.08 USD
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Drinking horn

Drinking horn 37cm

If you are looking for a unique and impressive drinking vessel&rszlig; are,
then our drinking horn with a length of approx. 37 cm is just right for you.

Our drinking horn is made of high quality material and carefully polished to achieve a
to ensure a smooth and attractive surface. For the highest quality and safety
To guarantee, it is also embedded with food-safe beeswax. The
Beeswax forms a protective layer that cares for the horn and gives it a natural
gives shine.

A special highlight of our drinking horn is the decorated brass tip. This
artful decoration gives the drinking horn a noble and authentic look, that of
Craftsmanship and attention to detail. The brass tip gives the drinking horn
also an additional stability and longevity.

The drinking horn is inspired by the Venus of Laussel, a limestone figure who died ca.
25,000 years ago in France and is probably the oldest illustration
of a drinking horn. It's fascinating to see how drinking horns were made so
ago have been used for a long time and have retained their appeal to this day.

Drinking horns also play an important role in Norse mythology. In
In the Old Norse sagas, drinking horns are often used as symbols of hospitality, brotherhood
and celebrations mentioned. They are used as gifts, but also on celebratory occasions
such as weddings and festivals. Our drinking horn with its impressive size
of approx. 37 cm is an authentic and impressive vessel that combines mysticism and
fascination with Norse mythology.

Our drinking horn is not only suitable for lovers of Norse mythology, but also
for anyone looking for a unique and eye-catching drinking vessel&rszlig; seek. Whether for special occasions,
As a decoration or as a collector's item, our drinking horn is a real eye-catcher and
A topic of conversation for every occasion.

The meticulous craftsmanship that goes into making our drinking horn is guaranteed
highest quality and a long service life. Each drinking horn is unique because it is
is a natural product and slight variations in shape, color and pattern may occur.

With a length of approx. 37 cm, our drinking horn is an impressive vessel that is not just for
Enjoyment of drinks, but can also be used as a decorative element. It
can be displayed on a plaque, shelf or mantel and gives
gives every room a rustic yet elegant touch.

Drinking horn with polished brass tip
Length : about 37 cm

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Drinking horn

Drinking horn 31cm

Probably the oldest picture of a drinking horn
represents the Venus of Laussel, one around 25,000 years ago in
France made limestone figure. If you take the
literary tradition is mainly the old Norse
Sagas in which drinking horns often play a role.
The drinking horn was tipped with a brass tip, became
polished, and embedded with food-grade beeswax.
The horn has a minimum length of
approx 31 cm The horn has a minimum length of about 31cm
35.28 USD
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Drinking horn

Drinking horn 27cm

Our drinking horn "27cm" is a beautiful piece with a touch of antiquity and
Nordic culture. It is carefully polished and embellished with a brass tip to give it a
to give an authentic look. In addition, it was made with food-safe beeswax
recessed to ensure it is safe for use as a drinking vessel&rszlig; is.

The drinking horn has a fascinating history dating back to prehistoric times back. The
oldest known depiction of a drinking horn is the Venus de Lausse,
a limestone figure made in France about 25,000 years ago. Since then
Drinking horns play a significant role in different cultures and literary
lore, particularly in the Old Norse sagas where they are often
appear as symbols of hospitality, strength and brotherhood.

Our drinking horn "27cm" is handpicked and of the highest quality. It has a
Minimum length of about 27 cm, making it a handy and practical
drinking vessel might. It is perfect for use in medieval or
viking-inspired events, LARP games, cosplays or just as
Unique collector's item for lovers of antique drinking vessels.

The drinking horn is not only functional, but also a work of art in itself. It is
carefully polished and adorned with an elegant brass tip that gives it a
gives an authentic and noble look. The food-safe beeswax, with
which it is embedded ensures that it is safe for use with
food and makes the drinking experience even more pleasant.

Our drinking horn "27cm" is not only a unique and practical drinking vessel,
but also a great gift idea. It is perfect as a gift
for friends, family or anyone with an interest in norse culture, medieval,
Vikings or Celts. It's a gift that's sure to last
will make an impression on any collection of antique drinking vessels
can be proudly displayed.

Overall, our drinking horn "27cm" a fascinating piece with a rich
history and cultural significance. It is a work of art of the highest quality,
which is not only functional, but also has a touch of antiquity and Nordic
brings culture into your home or events. Order our
now drinking horn "27cm" and let yourself be enchanted by its charm!

Drinking horn with polished brass tip
Length : about 27 cm

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