Horn and bone jewelery

Since the early Stone Age, our ancestors have made tools, weapons and jewelry from animal bones. The very hard but still with flint stone still workable material was used for blades, sewing needles, spearheads, fishhooks, bow and much more. Likewise for jewelry. Bones are durable, but they also change over time. Those who wear their jewelry often will soon find that the bone turns darker. This is because he absorbs the oils and fats of the skin until it is enveloped in a honey-colored hue. This is quite normal, and just YOUR unique piece of jewelry;)

If you pay attention to some care instructions you have long pleasure in his bone pendant:
- take off the pendant when showering / swimming (it is a natural product! Thus vulnerable to acid (such as sweat) or alkali (shower gel, soap, etc.), even salt and chlorine water is poison for the bone pendant
- Do not expose to dry heat (headlights, sun) for too long
- Do not clean with solvent-based household cleaners or abrasives. Rinsing with warm water and mild soap suds is sufficient (toothpaste is also very effective;)  
- Do not apply high bending loads
- Occasionally with camellia oil or Balistol (simple cooking oil tuts but also rub in) and polish
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