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El Morya Ascended Masters

El Morya Ascended Masters

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Wotan's incense

Wotan's incense

Wotan is considered the supreme god in Germanic mythology
as the keeper of knowledge and memory, as a divine magician, eternal
Explorer and god of ecstasy. With this incense mixture you put
contact with Wotan through the fresh forest fragrance.

A smoking especially for people who want to get in contact
with the god Wotan
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Yoni Dhoop Shamanic incense

Yoni Dhoop

Supports the worship of the female as a creative life force and strengthens the female self-esteem ("tantric yin -), so that the woman finds her right in her role as a woman. Promotes the reference to the inner goddess. Incense for fertility and tantric rituals related to the worship of the woman (yoni / vulva as a living image of the goddess).

Ingredients: white sandalwood, juniper wood, cedar, high-mountain herbs and others.

         Supports the worship of the feminine as a creative life force
         Strengthens the female self-confidence, so that the woman finds her right in her role as a woman
         Promotes the reference to the inner goddess
         Incense for fertility and tantric rituals relating to the worship of women
         For smoking on charcoal and sieve
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Summer solstice - incense

Summer solstice - Litha

Summer solstice
The longest day of the year and the shortest night. This smoking nourishes our soul. It shows us our true treasures and gives us the clarity to recognize them. The fullness of being can be so gratefully accepted.
Contents: St. John's wort, verbena, Christofs root, mugwort, spruce resin and others.

Ordinary Festivals
From the Celts we know eight great festivals.
4 suns and 4 moon festivals.
The sun festivals were the equinox and the shortest day or the longest day. The moon festivals are temporally always in the middle of the sun festivals. Their festivals were intense and full of joie de vivre, but also characterized by deep respect for the changing conditions of nature.
It nourishes our soul and strengthens our connection to nature and the cosmos, if we are able to get back to these natural processes.
Respect with respect and respect for what supports and surrounds us every day. At the present time with electric light and central heating; With the hustle and bustle that our everyday life brings with it, there is a great danger that we will not feel the rhythm of nature, the power of the sun and the moon, and the magic of changing the sun or the moon. Everything runs smoothly, without ups and downs, without the wonderful magic that surrounds us.
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Amber, Pure Resins shamanic incense

Amber, Pure Resins

Protection - Old Knowledge
Amber carries the power of ancient wisdom. It has a liberating effect, dissolving deep-seated fears and helping us release negative emotions. It touches our hearts and brings us new energy and momentum.
Our own, old knowledge can reveal itself again.
Its scent is balsamic, resinous and sometimes a bit austere.
A resinous scent that looks partly pine-like, partly heavy and myrrh-like
Is an interesting mix of sunny, positive and serious, targeted energy
Amber was worshiped in ancient times as gold of the north
Is ideal for processing and integrating old topics
For smoking on charcoal and sieve
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1001 Nights - resin blends shamanic incense

1001 Nights - resin blends

1001 night
Leads into the kingdom of 1001 Nights and the secrets of the Orient
Let yourself be seduced by the sweet, warm fragrance
For smoking on charcoal and sieve
Leads into the kingdom of 1001 Nights and the secrets of the Orient.
Ingredients: Different varieties Olibanum, Benzoin, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Lavender flowers
6.02 USD