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Medieval jewelry - amulets 

An amulet is a wearable piece of jewelry that is said to have magical powers and is said to bring good luck (energetic, sacramental effect), protect against harm (apotropaic effect) or connect with a deity. It is also said that an amulet has a magical effect, that it can have an influence on health and thereby ward off or weaken diseases. An amulet is usually worn around the neck on the body. Apart from its intended magical aspect, it is also often worn visibly as a piece of jewelry or as a sign of belonging to a mostly religious community.
Already in prehistory, amulets were made from the remains (teeth and claws) of their hunted prey in order to give the wearer the power of the animal. In all cultures there is the animistic idea that magical powers act on humans through an amulet and thus ward off negative energies or positive energies can be amplified. Special stones such as amber and rock crystals have been used since the Stone Age. In Celtic settlement remains, polished, pierced skull fragments or decorated pieces of bone were found during excavations. Thus they form an important part in the area of ​​medieval jewelry, Viking jewelry or Celtic jewelry.

We also make amulets to your liking, you can choose the subject and the blank at no extra charge. We also like to design your desired motive for a small surcharge of 2 Euro according to your information.

Great Amulet Freya

Great Amulet Freya

Freya, also Freia or Freyja (old Norse "mistress"), is the name of the
And love, as well as a teacher of magic (seiðr)
She is considered the goddess of fertility and spring, of happiness
One of the two goddesses of Nordic mythology.
Freya belongs to the Wans, Nordic goddess of love and marriage.

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