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Aegishjalmur icelandic galdrastafir
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Aegishjalmur icelandic galdrastafir

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Wall hanging Valknut

Wall hanging Valknut

The or the Valknut is a Nordic symbol, consisting of either three in each other tangled triangles
or a knotted polygon with six corners, similar to the Triqueta. The Valknut is also called a wotan

Our exceptionally designed tapestry impresses with its lively colors, its clean lines and its clean
edges. It was made from high quality 100% polyester soft, environmentally friendly and durable
is made. He makes for a very positive and relaxed Atmosphere in your house, bedroom, study,
or wherever you choose have to hang it up.

Impress your guests with this eye-catcher and create with it a good atmosphere. Thanks to
advanced HD printing, this wall hanging shows fashionable and long-lasting Effects without
fading. This wall cloth can be very easily decorated with Fix tacks, pins, thumbtacks or ribbons
in the chosen location.

Of course, this beautiful wall cloth can be hand washed or machine washed in the Delicate cycle
can be cleaned very easily. Please use a mild one Cold water detergent. Do not bleach or iron.

Material: 100% polyester
Dimensions: 200 x 150 cm
from 36.22 USD
Wall hanging Nordic symbols

Nordic Symbols Tapestry

Valknut, the symbol of the mighty gods and their brave warriors, is an essential
Norse mythology element. Known as the Wotan's knot, it symbolizes the
infinite wisdom, strength and power of Odin and his loyal warriors, the Einherjern.
In its fascinating design, consisting of three intertwined triangles,
it forms a unit and represents the trinities of life - birth, life and death.
It is a sign of protection and devotion and reflects the central role of
Norse gods and their immeasurable strength.

Our wall hanging "Norse symbols" puts this meaningful Valknut symbol in the
center of its design and complements it with the depiction of ravens. In the Nordic
Mythology, ravens stand for wisdom, thinking and memory, they are the constant
Companion of Odin and his eyes and ears in the human world. The combination of these
Symbols creates a powerful visual representation of Norse myth and legend.

This wall hanging is not just a simple piece of decoration, but a statement and
a token of appreciation for the fascinating Norse culture and mythology. He is a
A tribute to the wisdom and power these ancient symbols represent and can
serve as a daily reminder of these values.

The tapestry is made from 100% high quality polyester that is soft,
is environmentally friendly and durable. The vivid colors, the clean lines and the clean
Edges of the print give it an impressive aesthetic. Through the advanced
HD printing, the colors remain vivid for a long time and do not fade.

The wall cloth is not only a beautiful decorative piece, but also very
practical. It can be easily attached to any wall. And when it comes to grooming,
it's just as easy. It can easily be hand washed or machine washed
be cleaned on a gentle cycle.

With our wall hanging "Norse symbols" you can learn a piece of norse mythology
into your home and create an atmosphere of wisdom, strength and devotion.
Impress your guests with this impressive wall hanging and create
an inspiring environment.

Material : 100% polyester Dimensions : 200 x 150 cm

Material : 100% Polyester
Dimensions: 200 x 150 cm
from 25.37 USD
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