1001 Nights, Resin Blends
1001 Nights - resin blends shamanic incense

1001 Nights - resin blends shamanic incense

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World tree Shamanic scent

World tree

The Weltenbaum mix the special warm one
and gives a powerful note. The world tree is that
Center of the cosmos where the connection of the worlds represents.
It conveys orientation, strength and paths in harmony with
other worlds.
7.67 USD
Rough night Shamanic scent

Rough night

A special mixture to incense house and yard.The
In old folk belief, the time between the years was considered a
special time. This time is ideal for a
shamanic incense.

The days from Christmas to Epiphany were considered "over". fallen out of time", as a time when the veils were lifted
from this world to the hereafter, our ancestors open the contact with
looking for us, ghosts swarming around and being Wotan with his entourage
up to mischief.

But it was also a time particularly
for mystical experiences was suitable. In the old days, these days were consciously celebrated -
one kept a lot of introspection, oracles for the next
Year, remembered the ancestors and drove away the spirits.

Contents 50 ml glass.
EUR 9.00 per 100 m
5.31 USD
Prophecy shamanic incense



Strengthens the connection to higher worlds to get answers to our questions. Ideal incense for a conscious cooperation with the heavenly when reading cards or commuting etc...

Since ancient times, certain botanicals have been smoked to enhance perception, oracle, or expand consciousness.

With this shamanic incense, you increase your spiritual insights

7.91 USD
Deva Dhoop Shamanic incense

Deva Dhoop

Der Duft der Götter: Deva Dhoop taucht schon in den ältesten Quellen auf.
Diese sehr alte Räuchermischung bringt einen wieder mit der Natur in

Der Deva Dhoop wirkt klärend bei geistiger Verwirrung, Nervosität und
Überbelastung. Der Duft der Götter Deva Dhoop taucht schon in den
ältesten Quellen auf.

Diese sehr alte Räuchermischung bringt einen wieder mit der Natur in
Verbindung.Wirkt klärend bei geistiger Verwirrung, Nervosität und
Überbelastung.Zum Räuchern auf Kohle und Sieb

Inhaltsstoffe: Nadelhölzer, Tamala Zimt, Gewürze, Hochgebirgskräuter, u.a.
Inhalt: 60 ml Glas.br /> 9,33 EUR pro 100ml

6.61 USD

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El Morya Ascended Masters

El Morya

El Morya is the master of the royal blue ray of divine will. It gives you the strength to master situations in a straight line and protects you in your endeavors.

Ascended Masters
Ascended Masters have mastered their way. Like all of us, you were confronted with the challenges of life here on earth. They have passed through them and brought their innermost being to perfection. Now they walk in the kingdom of light, but are forever connected to us earth beings. They stand by our side, they guide and protect us, they let us feel their love and work to elevate all of humanity. Each master has his own energy; its own sound and of course its own fragrance.
The selected plants and flowers of these incense represent the scent of the respective master. Whether gentle and loving, or straightforward and clear ... Let us connect with the master of our choice and smoke his scent in his honor or to call on him, and he will affect us in our life with his energy.

8.14 USD