1001 Nights, Resin Blends
1001 Nights - resin blends shamanic incense

1001 Nights - resin blends shamanic incense

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Visions, prophecy, shamanic incense


Be inspired by the prophetic power of incense! Our incense
"Prophecy" strengthens your connection to higher worlds and helps you find answers to your
to receive questions. Ideal for card reading, commuting and more. The unique blend of
Bay leaves, elderberry, mace, myrrh, mastic and other botanicals have been
has always been used to increase perception, to obtain visions and the
to expand awareness. Immerse yourself in a world of spiritual insights and
discover the magic of incense with our powerful "Prophecy" incense.

With our "Prophecy" incense you can take your spiritual practices to a new
level bring levels. The selected plant substances are known for their visionary effect and
have long been used by shamans and spirituals to reach into higher dimensions
dive in and receive insights from the universe. Add bay leaves
the mixture an energizing note and promote intuition. Elderberry is known for
its protective and cleansing effect, while nutmeg and myrrh do
Opening consciousness and enabling a deeper connection to the spiritual levels.
Mastic gives the incense a grounding effect and aids in clearing
thoughts and emotions.

Our "Prophecy" incense is ideal for rituals of card reading, commuting
or other divinatory practices. It helps to sharpen the senses that
To expand consciousness and strengthen the connection to higher worlds. The
Incense can also be used in meditations or simply to create a spiritual
atmosphere can be used.

The glass contains 60 milliliters of our high-quality incense mixture, which is carefully
natural ingredients was selected. Each ingredient has been tested for quality and
Suitability for spiritual practices tested. The incense comes in an attractive
Supplied glass and is easy to use. Squeeze a small amount into a
Smoked charcoal or in an incense burner and let yourself be carried away by the balsamic
and visionary fragrances enchant.

Discover the prophetic power of incense with our unique
"Prophecy" incense. Be inspired by higher worlds, answers to
Receiving your questions and deepening your spiritual practice. Immerse yourself in a
World of visions and spiritual insights and experience the magic of incense in
a new dimension. Order our "Prophetie" incense glass now and
enrich your spiritual practices with this powerful blend of bay leaves,
Elderberry, mace, myrrh, mastic and other botanicals.

Contents: bay leaves, elderberry, nutmeg, myrrh, mastic, etc.
Content of the jar: 60 milliliters (€11.17 * / 100 milliliters)

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Deva Dhoop

Deva Dhoop

Dive into the world of shamanic incense with the Deva Dhoop - one
an old and natural incense mixture, the scent of which appears in the oldest springs.
This unique blend reconnects you with nature and purifies
mental confusion, nervousness and overwork.

The Deva Dhoop is known for its intense fragrance known as the "Scent of the Gods" referred to
becomes. The mixture contains carefully selected ingredients such as pinewood, tamala
Cinnamon, spices and high mountain herbs harmoniously combined to
create a unique scent. The unfolds when smoking on charcoal or a sieve Deva Dhoop its intense fragrance and creates a pleasant atmosphere that is Invites you to relax and let go.

A special quality of the Deva Dhoop is its clearing effect on the mind.
If you are mentally confused, nervous or overworked, this incense can help
help calm the mind and bring clarity. The scent of the gods imparts
a sense of calm, balance and harmony, and helps to get back in tune
to get in touch with nature and yourself.

The Deva Dhoop is also ideal for rituals and ceremonies to bring about a spiritual
Creating an atmosphere and concentrating on the essentials. This old
Incense blend is often used by shamans and spiritual practitioners to
strengthen their connection to nature and to the higher realms.

With its unique fragrance and its clarifying effect, the Deva Dhoop is a
valuable addition to any smoking routine or spiritual practice. The high quality 60 ml
Glass bottle allows for easy application and long-lasting enjoyment. The Deva
Dhoop also makes a wonderful gift idea for friends and family who are interested in
shamanic incense and natural products.

Experience the powerful effect of the Deva Dhoop and let yourself be carried away by its scent
of the gods enchant. The near-natural incense mixture was carefully put together,
to create a unique and intense fragrance that takes you to a world of senses

The ingredients of the Deva Dhoop, including pinewood, tamala cinnamon, spices and
High mountain herbs come from nature and are obtained sustainably. The
The incense blend comes in a high-quality 60 ml glass bottle and offers a
easy and convenient smoking experience.

Ingredients: Pinewood, Tamala cinnamon, spices, high mountain herbs, etc.
Content: 60 ml glass.br /> EUR 9.33 per 100ml

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El Morya

El Morya

El Morya is the master of the royal blue ray of divine will. It gives you the strength to master situations in a straight line and protects you in your endeavors.

Ascended Masters
Ascended Masters have mastered their way. Like all of us, you were confronted with the challenges of life here on earth. They have passed through them and brought their innermost being to perfection. Now they walk in the kingdom of light, but are forever connected to us earth beings. They stand by our side, they guide and protect us, they let us feel their love and work to elevate all of humanity. Each master has his own energy; its own sound and of course its own fragrance.
The selected plants and flowers of these incense represent the scent of the respective master. Whether gentle and loving, or straightforward and clear ... Let us connect with the master of our choice and smoke his scent in his honor or to call on him, and he will affect us in our life with his energy.

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